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Friday the 13th tattoo designs up now...

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by , 07-09-2012 at 08:31 PM (13024 Views)


  1. Michael Evans's Avatar
    cool old school flash ,lol! I sure you will get some lead bellys to get those, are they going for 13$?
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  2. Patriot Ink Tattoo's Avatar
    the worm took me a minute to enough coffee yet I suppose.
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  3. A.Sanchez's Avatar
    yup 13 dollars each, me and tyler did a bunch. a few mickeys, the worm, a few cats, the syringe, a bunch of felix's, one brave soul got the worm, I also did one of those little peace creeps with the red beret. No one went for the golden showers rolling stones lips, the boooner or the sea slug.
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