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Jennifer Stell

Radtastic... I love this site.

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by , 04-12-2011 at 02:12 PM (2044 Views)
This page has had 666 visits.... It made me smile when i saw my page.

Been staying busy, and keeping my chin up and nose clean. Lot's of website updates soon, and I think I figured out how to take a business I started and change it to where I don't dislike what I created... Sometimes concepts and work takes a life form of it's own, and one has no option expect to watch it and see it evolve all while maintaining it as a business.

But I took a nice long break from the business of tattooed ladies.. and I learned a few things about myself and what it is I really wanted to do with Miss Tattoo as an entity and how to try to push it in the direction I wanted it to go in the first place. I know that I wish things were like they were back in the old traveling sideshow days of tattooed women. There was an air to the demeanor and showmanship that has been lost over the years. Tattoos are now the SEXY thing that most people in fad fashion society want to see, talk, and have around them making the modern day pinups the new retarded and not as nearly interesting as back in the day sideshow ladies...

It's become a shtick if you will... Being the tattooed one, or the tattoo artist, is like a notch up on the scoreboard of cool points. Well, I am about to become the uber tattoo snob of tattooed ladies and if people thought I was a control freak before with my pageant, just wait...

Looks like we are riding the bike out to Ink n Iron with Peck, Bubba, and Arment, plus or minus a few, and then we will be in LA for the ten plus days before and after the Masters Invitational show that Permanent Mark is hosting.

If anyone wants to get some work, or hang out... let me know, I want to go to a few places and do some sightseeing and whatnot so don't be shy. I'm tired of being so introverted sometimes and need some fresh opinions thrown my way.
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  1. MsRad's Avatar
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    glad to hear that you and Richard are doing well! thanks for the update!
  2. dari's Avatar
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    I'm glad to hear that you guys are making shit happen. We're most likely coming down to hang at the master's invitational, we should go get a meal. And do let us know when we should be looking for the new Miss Tattoo website.
  3. hogg's Avatar
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    Make another visit to SF and I'll show you some more of that Texan hospitality.

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