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  1. Thanks Loch!

    by , 02-02-2013 at 06:33 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    Not sure if this was already talked about, or posted about (school sucks, im super busy) but I noticed that @Lochlan has left the board. I don't know the reasons behind it, and I don't really care. ...
  2. Prison Tattoo Proposal

    by , 03-23-2012 at 11:42 AM
    Hey folks,

    I have a research proposal due at the end of this semester and have chosen a topic that I was hoping some of you might be able to help out with.

    My goal is to draft up a proposal that centers around creating a vocational ...
  3. Wise words of Rev. Paul Bearer

    by , 02-17-2011 at 06:27 PM
    Since Sheer Terror is a popular topic on the board recently (Fucking awesome by the way)... I figured I would share this.

    Not sure where my buddy posted this statement, but Paul read it and gave this response in a Email:

    "I ...
  4. WTF Against Me!?

    by , 12-22-2010 at 05:12 AM
    I just got done listening to a lot of Against Me! (Acoustic EP, Reinventing... , Eternal Cowboy, and various EP's) and then I finally checked out New Wave.

    And I was like...

  5. Kevin Smith Binge...

    by , 11-15-2010 at 09:13 AM
    For the last few days, I have been on a serious Kevin Smith movie binge. Even his new, more disappointing shit.

    I started of with Clerks (Duh). I still laugh just as hard as I did the first time my Dad had me watch it when I was about ...
  6. Punk, Tattoos and Fly Fishing

    by , 10-29-2010 at 03:19 PM
    Im a pretty young dude who likes "old dude" things most of the time. My perfect day is watching COPS, tying flies, drinking Jameson, and petting my dog. I've been Fly Fishing since I was 13 years old, and have loved every minute of it. I ...
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