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Travel Blog New York. June 2012 Final Part

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by , 06-13-2012 at 01:41 PM (5424 Views)
Back to the hotel now to collect my bags and make my way to Chambers Street station.

Before I leave I take a few final pictures around Battery Park.

So I get to Chambers Street and guess what I get on the right train.

Guess again.

Anyway, I wonít bore you with all the drama suffice to say I share the rest of the journey with a lovely young lady, from Austria, who is in the same boat. We say goodbye at JFK terminal 5 and I continue on to terminal 7.

So with plenty of time I buy some duty free and head for the departure gate.

Guess what. Was I at the correct departure gate?

Guess again

So here I am sitting there like a delusional arsehole when I get my wake up call. Over the tanoy comes the message "Mr Forrest Gump please make your way to Gate 9, immediately!

I had to run all the way all the way from Gate 1 to Gate 9. I have to swerve to avoid a small child, my bag nearly topples over. I bitch slap some old lady in a wheelchair. Nothing is going to get in my way.

I get to Gate 9 in world record time. What happened I ask? , I thought it was Gate 1. The correct answer of course is " You were at the wrong Gate you dozy limey prick". But I get the diplomatic answer.

Before long I am on the plane and 10 hours later I arrive home exhausted but safe and sound.

So thatís it. Despite the hiccups I had such a great and memorable trip. Iíve had a blast writing this and hope youíve enjoyed reading.


  1. Duffa's Avatar
    "...I bitch slap some old lady in a wheelchair. Nothing is going to get in my way." This made me Lol. In fact it is still making me Lol Glad you made it back in one piece and with some very nice souvenirs. Now eat some chilli and get some sleep!
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  2. Lochlan's Avatar
    Hells yes!! I loved reading this adventure and look forward to more tattoo travels!!! I can't say thanks enough to you and @Iwar for sharing these with have placed the bar high for the next LSTers.........
    jade1955 likes this.
  3. Myles's Avatar
    Well done, jade. I agree with Duffa, too. That line had me cracked up.
    jade1955 likes this.
  4. gougetheeyes's Avatar
    "I can't say thanks enough to you and @Iwar for sharing these with have placed the bar high"
    Very true. Stoked you had a great trip man!
    jade1955 likes this.
  5. Iwar's Avatar
    These were amazing @jade1955
    Thanks so much for sharing!!
    jade1955 likes this.
  6. Iwar's Avatar
    Awesome tattoos by the way! Kinda funny that both of us got tattooed by Bailey and at Smith Street with only a few days apart.
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  7. jade1955's Avatar
    I really enjoyed writing this.

    Thanks for all the kind comments.
  8. jade1955's Avatar
    @Iwar. I mentioned you to Bailey. He remembered you and commented what a great collection of tattoos you have.
  9. rads's Avatar
    Great blog, you need to go on your travels again and write another blog asap!
    jade1955 likes this.

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