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Jennifer Stell

Been trying to put a nice blog entry together...

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by , 08-20-2011 at 09:49 AM (4615 Views)
Ended up with a majorly long post... So, after a few readings, I have like 4 or five posts to do... So for now, a quick check in with all the last sparrows...

We took off from Jax Beach, FL to go to the Masters of Tattooing Show in Inglewood/LA that Permanent Mark produced along with Charlie Roberts... Well...

We ended up: Making it to the Masters, (post soon about that show itself), then trying to hang out and get some work and other business related stuff tied up and as per usual, Hollywood had some dramatic irony it threw at us, and we had to deal with it... Even if that meant not actually dealing with it, the issue was acknowledged and addressed... Which was a bummer, but we had a schedule to at least try to maintain...

Went to Vegas to get that whole thing roliing... it's in motion now. Then We had to get..

So I drove and gave Richard a break before we hit Phoenix, AZ...

In PHX, we worked at Immaculate Tattoo, and I love that shop, and crew, good solid guys... (post about that too soon)
Ended up staying in PHX for a week.... Hauled butt to Dallas, had work, but most of it cancelled... But it was good, Paint nite, and the Dallas guys are a nice familiar circle of family... Worked in Deep Ellum at Elm, and SnS... (post also soon)...

Headed to Little Rock, did well, and had fun in a new shop, and around new people we hadn't been around... Tattoo Police got called on us, but otherwise, it was good... BBQ was awesome. Had to go to Atlanta, GA Richard had a good amount of tattoo appointments set up at Southern Star, it was a cool shop, I don't know any of those guys except Keet, so it was also a new experience, but good... (again posts soon about the two last mentioned places)

Home now... Next week is Roc City Show...Which opens up a can of other shops to go take care of business in... Needless to say, I'm still tired.


  1. s33ktruth's Avatar
    I JUST missed you guys when I heard Richard was at Elm St. I wanted to come grab a print. Heard you guys left early. FML
  2. Jennifer Stell's Avatar
    Don't worry we'll be back through.. Two big backs are being done in Dallas that he needs to hit regularly... And yeah... We are in and out.. that way we save $$ for shop... We can't afford to linger... Well unless it's a really profitable day..
  3. Avery Taylor's Avatar
    Is that $$$ for a shop in Vegas?
  4. Jennifer Stell's Avatar
    $$$ for a shop, Plan A is Vegas... But there is a Plan B and a Plan C... can never be to prepared ya know...
  5. blessedmatter's Avatar
    Hey, are you guys coming to Philly?
  6. Jennifer Stell's Avatar
    Yup... Working at Eric Perfects shop... For a few days then it's on down to DC. . .
  7. ShawnPorter's Avatar
    Text me when you're in Philly. It'll be nice to hear from you when it's not a butt dial!
  8. Jennifer Stell's Avatar
    Dammit Shawn... Just looked at this, and We are already in DC... HUmmm. Were coming Back to Philly, and expect a non butt dial'd call then. . .

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