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ramblings & fuzzy feelings

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by , 11-19-2010 at 09:21 PM (988 Views)
We've had a couple guests here this month and it's been great. We've had a lot of fun so far, especially since Myles (Karr - who is also on this site) is here in Toronto now. We met him last year in Brighton, then shared a booth in Montreal, and thus, a loving partnership was formed. Haha!

The shop got a beautiful new "tattoos" sign up on the facade and we've seen a small increase in our walk ins. I think it will take time to see a big effect from the sign going up, because it will mostly serve to alert the daily passerbys that this is a tattoo shop - not just some studio they whiz by everyday in the bus/car/bike without paying much mind.

I think we started the shop without the sign because at our initial opening size of 186 ft2, it was intended to be a small street level shop for myself only. I wanted to be discreet and keep quiet, becaue I'd already gotten a lot of shit and backs turned to me when I let people know I was opening a place of my own. Once I stopped giving a fuck about it, I started expanding and up until a few m onths ago, housed a shop with a staff of 5, all surviving well, with NO sign out front indicatingi that we were a tattoo shop.

That ain't too fucking bad if you ask me. But then again, I'm biased.

I love my tattoo shop. I've learned more in this condensed 18 months of business than I had in many of the previous years combined. One of those things being that it's a massive undertaking. My manager and best friend Hayden bought in earlier last year and with 2 people at the wheel, this place is a well oiled machine.

Can't wait to see all the new changes that this one, simple lightbox sign will bring. Keep you posted.


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