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mario desa

London Frith St. 2011

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by , 06-03-2011 at 12:18 AM (3219 Views)
i made a little film of my trip to london. thanks to everyone at frith st. tattoo! i had an amazing time.


  1. Stewart Robson's Avatar
    Thanks for visiting us Mario. It was great to have you here.
    Video looks cool too, nice feel of London and our shop.
    See you in San Francisco.
  2. mario desa's Avatar
    i had a great time, man. it was great to meet all of you and work with you guys. see you in october!
  3. s33ktruth's Avatar
    good song, make more !
  4. Shannon Shirley's Avatar
    nice vid,nice camera work.
  5. xjamestravisx's Avatar
    that was a pretty sweet video.
  6. Louisgoodwin's Avatar
    took me a few takes but realised its me being tattooed by stewart , it was the funny shaped bald spot that gave me away ,
    dam you mum for dropping me all those times
  7. Valerie Vargas's Avatar
    dude i didnt even know this existed (maybe cos i wasnt there, duh!) i just watched and it made me smile, the shot of all of you walking down the alleyway i soo funny, best. looking forward to having you back already!

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