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mario desa

Chicago Tattoo Company promo...

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by , 01-14-2011 at 07:06 PM (12629 Views)


  1. dari's Avatar
    Love, love, love it.
  2. gougetheeyes's Avatar
    Said before, I'll say it again, love this.
  3. martin troger's Avatar
    Cool Video!
  4. Jon Hall's Avatar
    rad , love the shark on the wall
  5. Lochlan's Avatar
    Thanks for reposting this up in a blog so it doesn't get lost in the Cable Invasion thread. For those who haven't seen this Chiago Tattoo Company has been raising the ante on LST with well thought out and creative post with the above video by Mario and Nick Colella's thread on Chicago Tattooing History.
  6. Gia Dobson's Avatar
    Love the mix of both old and current shop images, still photo and video, and the music is perfect!
  7. mario desa's Avatar
    thanks everyone! it was my first try at imovie.
  8. Vickycoleman's Avatar
    Wow you filmed this!!! Awesome!!
  9. Donny D's Avatar
    Good stuff my dudes. Loving the different styles and the beats are too dope!

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