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has anyone ever worked for Sailor Jerry Clothing?

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by , 09-15-2012 at 11:33 AM (7211 Views)
i feel a little weird asking this, but has anyone ever worked for Sailor Jerry Clothing? opinions on tattoo clothing brands aside, i'm looking for personal experiences if anyone has them. i'm not going to say anything more because i don't want to jinx myself. thank you kindly in advance!


  1. Kev's Avatar
    I didn't realize there was a Sailor Jerry Clothing brand until I saw this post.
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  2. MsRad's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kev Tijerina
    I didn't realize there was a Sailor Jerry Clothing brand until I saw this post.
    it's been around for a long time now. anyways, i was able to find out for myself yesterday.
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  3. gougetheeyes's Avatar
    Have not, but I popped into their store in Philly a couple years ago when it was still there and everyone seemed surprisingly cool.
  4. Donn's Avatar
    When the rum and clothing companies (They are separate companies owned by the same people) wanted to do an event in town a few years ago they contacted me and asked if I could help them hire some tattooed girls to work as cocktail waitresses and I hooked some clients up. A few have gone on to work for the rum company and get paid well and treated really good by them. They never have anything but great things to say about their jobs and get to do a good bit of traveling on the companies dime. Everyone I have met from the company is visibly tattooed and pretty serious about hiring from within the community whenever possible.
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  5. MsRad's Avatar
    I just got a job with them so we'll see how it goes! I got a good impression from them and I'll be working in their SF headquarters.
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  6. gougetheeyes's Avatar
    That's killer! Who knew Sailor Jerry had bats that needed saving?
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  7. MsRad's Avatar
    @gougetheeyes clearly i needed a new day job that was different from the all the legal drama that made me want to stab my eyes out on a daily basis. plus, i found it by searching craigslist for the word tattoo, honestly hoping to find an admin position that allowed them, and lo-and-behold, there was a position where they WANTED someone with tattoos. it was an honest to god relief. i finally can work somewhere, where i can be myself.
  8. dcostello's Avatar
    I just finished searching craigslist for tattoos.

    There are some excellent artists on there.
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