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dry healing tattoos.....

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by , 01-21-2011 at 09:36 AM (76771 Views)
I've done it with my last few tats (not using lotion) if there is a part that got dug into and scabs a little ruff I put a tad of neosporen on it and I have not seen any diffrence in the out come between the ones I've used lotion on vs. The ones I didn't.....any thoughts on why?
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  1. Shotsie Gorman's Avatar
    I have found everyone responds so differently to treat and after care. It is relative to who did the work for sure. Nice even placement of pigment makes for a smooth healing tattoo. I have for the last 10 years suggested to people they use a healing slave called super slave specifically "Calendula." It's a flower suspended in bees wax very little olive oil. It's miraculous large scaled pieces healed in three days!

    About the Super Salve Company

    Most non tattooers don't pick away at their tattoos nor experimewnt with Cocoa buter or other crap and most customers left to their own methods will screw withe the tattoo until there is a healing issue.

    There is so little customer knowledge/consumer knowledge in the tattoo world hence the survival of so many sctratchers in the community.

    Some folks are just not up to par on their immune systems and need the addition of some sort of help.

    Well that's my Two cents!
    Shotsie Gorman
    32 years tattooing
  2. rick cherry's Avatar
    Totally believe it has everything to do with WHOM is doing the tattoo, with all the changes over the years in healing lotions and potions I believe more tattoo artist have changed from using straight Vaseline for wiping during tattoo to using creams such as A&D ,which I feel really helps, back in the heal them dry days the artist used vaseline to wipe while working, put a half inch thick layer on when they finished and maybe a bandage, leaving for the most part a tattoo that while healing had at least 1/4 inch thick scabs, But, if you were lucky enough not to knock the scabs off they usually heal fairly well
    another 1 cent worth
  3. Avery Taylor's Avatar
    I don't touch my new tattoos, hardly at all. In general I heal pretty well. If it looks too dry I will put on a bit of lubriderm, but that is it.
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  4. Wedge's Avatar
    Someone I know just switched to dry healing with positive results. A while back an artist suggested 100% shea butter mixed with lavender oil which I've tried and works well for me. I've also read good things about the calendula products but I wasn't sure if the beeswax would clog pores or not.
  5. RockelMan's Avatar
    I think that for the tattoo lotions and salves, they help in the healing process but mostly help out the skin area where you were tattooed from cracking while healing. As Shotsie Gorman said "Everyone heals differently" you just have to follow the artists instructions unless you already have a killer healing method, in which case share your info with your artist an see what they have to say about your method. Also I have heard that Polysporin, neosporin and petroleum based creams are not good for the healing of a tattoo as they pull ink out.
  6. Dan Martin's Avatar
    We tell everyone aquaphor then lubriderm or coco butter but I tell a lot of clients that are having issues to dry heal them for a few days then switch to lotion. I think most people mess with their tattoos entirely too much initially and don't wash thoroughly after it's first done.
  7. andystattooaddiction's Avatar
    In my opinion, the first 3 day's are the most important. 1st day wash well in the morning, and the evening, let open to air all day! 2nd day wash well in the morning and the evening, if it feels too dry, small amount of Bacitracin. Less is better! 3rd day, same thing! I don't put lotions on til the 4th day, because lotions have been known for being vehicles for bacteria.... 4th day wash well, let dry for half hr., small amount of lotion. Continue washing, let dry, small amount of lotion until healed. After healing, put sun block when in sun to protect it from fading! Keep it simple! That method works good for me, and my clients
  8. SkinheadPete's Avatar
    I just got a new stomach tattoo. I've always used Aquaphor after washing it 2 to 3 times a day. My artist for this tat told me to just wash it once and use lotion once a day. Every tattoo artist has told me different things. Once, Cj fro Daredevil Tattoo, NYC told me to not even wash it and just put lotion on it 2 times day and it healed perfect. So who knows.
  9. tattoosbyfox's Avatar
    I think dry healing the first two days then lotion after works great. I mean, always keep the tattoo clean and your hands clean when you touch it but leave it alone after that. A wound needs to dry out before it can heal, so letting that tattoo dry out for the first two days really helps. Then after that just use a SMALL amount of lotion WHEN NEEDED. Its obviously going to be needed more when getting stretchy spots tattooed like necks and ditches and elbows opposed to places like a forearm or shin. I just tell people to get a clear, non scented anti bacterial liquid hand soap and a hand lotion that is dye free, aloe free, petroleum free and fragrance free. I think a huge problem is that tattooers dont normally mention that only a small amount of whatever they suggest is needed. Then the client thinks that lotion or ointment or whatever is going to heal the tattoo faster if they cake it on. It makes me cringe when I see a tattoo so shinny from whatever they are using on it that i cant even see the tattoo past the light's reflection. So bad for it. It needs oxygen, let it breathe. Also... I know there is a on going debate about this constantly, but wrapping a tattoo the first two nights I find really helps out a lot. I know it creates a shitty environment for the tattoo, but if you wash your hands, then wash the tattoo, then let it air dry, then wrap... you should be good to go. And that wrap creates a sort of green house effect pulling out a lot of discharge and moisture, which allows your tattoo to heal even faster. I know a lot of people would disagree with doing that but it works. I've been doing it for years and I'm clean and not dead.

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