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Shannon Shirley

Personal worst

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by , 06-25-2011 at 01:02 PM (1301 Views)
if we're gonna be honest ,i think we should post the worst shit weve done.watcha think? It is mostly practitioners . i was a little disappointed to find customers on here. not to be an exclustionist . i just feel it would be free'r. you know. instead of another place to advertise.


  1. Bubbleberry's Avatar
    Come on, customers deserve to see you best, and your worst. Even the greats have a bad day...
  2. ibradley's Avatar
    As far as posting our worst... Hmmm... Ok, you first!
  3. Shannon Shirley's Avatar
    man im gonna take pictures of that shit! hehe , Ive never impressed my self much. If you think them paintings are ok, I guess im doin well.

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