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Thread: Salutations from NW Pennsylvania!

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    Salutations from NW Pennsylvania!

    Greeting LSTers. I have been lurking the site for some time now and figured why not jump in!

    For starters, my username isn't a take on the legendary Dave Lum, but is a nickname given to me by an uncle. (I am an ordained minister, so that I appointed myself the honorific of Rev.)

    My love affair with tattoos and tattooing started while growing up in the military. I bugged the shit out of my parents on a near daily basis from the time I was 5 until about 10 asking when I could get tattooed. After a while it kind of faded until punk rock/hardcore came into my life, and with it, brought back my love of tattoos. Started with my first ones on my 18th birthday and slowly started gathering more.

    I currently am apprenticing under a 15 year veteran of the industry. It's been a whole lot of scrubbing tubes, making needles and asking questions that make me look like a dullard! Tattooing is something I have been passionate about for most of my life and I hope to be able to treat it with the respect and admiration it deserves!

    Rev. Lum

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    Re: Salutations from NW Pennsylvania!

    Wecome to LST, Rev, and I hope you find that for which you have come in search!
    Old enough to know better, still young enough to try.

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    Re: Salutations from NW Pennsylvania!

    Welcome to LST - nice intro, thanks for Joining!

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