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well here I am.....the new guy with a quick hello to all. I work at performance Tattoo in Fayetteville NC and have been tattooing since '92. I'm looking forward to checking out more of the site.....

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welcome to the forum M. Sands,

glad you found your way over here...

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Welcome to LST. I look forward to your tattoo pictures, forum, and blog contributions plus whatever else fascinates you.

Until then....


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    • Welcome.  Read the FAQ, this isn't the place if you want to get into tattooing, and in any case, pretty much no tattooers post here anymore.  Anyway, let's see the tattoos you have on you.
    • First off, a bit about myself.  I'm 26, looking to get into tattooing.  I've been studying art seriously for a bit over a year now.  Messed around for a few years before that, learning how to draw portraits and basically draw what I see,  but with no real consistent study or discipline.  I'm looking to supplement my course load with some tattooing specifics so I'm not a complete noob when I start getting out there.    I have a shitty machine (never going to use it, don't worry) that I've played around with while reading a book to get familiar with the machine.  Did a bit of study on felt, but I don't want to learn any bad habits so for the time being I'm just focusing on the art side of it.   So that brings me here. I belong to another art community and it's incredibly helpful to have others critique work and help you grow as an artist, while pointing you towards valuable information when needed, but it's not related to tattoos at all.   Haven't spent much time looking around yet so I'm unsure if this is a good forum to find what I'm looking for,  maybe someone will be able to point me there. This was just spurred on after spending a couple hours on another piece and getting a little tired of that path.  Drawing tattoos seems fresh and exciting.  Cheers  
    • I love Dr Woo's ornamental dagger. Incredibly delicate and fine line work. No idea about longevity though...
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