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I decided to group together all the threads currently about old tattoos, and tattooing in the past. He is a list of links to all the threads I found relevant. If I missed any please post up a link in the following and I can see if I can get it edited into the original post.

The interviews posted here by @Scott Sylvia, which are located in the blog section. Here is a selection below:

LST Interviews

Erik Gillespie

Stewart Robson

Valerie Vargas

Danny Reed

Chad Koeplinger

Henk Shiffmacher Hanky Panky

Beppe Strambini

Phil Kyle

Oliver Peck

Katie Sellergren

Jeff Cribb

Dan Dringenberg

Kore Flatmo

Tim Hendricks

Bryan Burk

Freddy Corbin

Nick Colella

Josh Arment

Juan Puente


books tattoos tattoo culture

hanky pankys awesome new book

milton zeis

tattoo boooks


ed hardy tattoo world

tatoo history books shops

tattoo books

tattoo book review world compromise i dont bob roberts


old tattoo documentaries

marcus kuhns new project

who else has seen true love documentary

video three tattooers one tattoo white dragon belfast

henk schiffmacher art tattoo essence amsterdam video

ed hardy tattoo world documentary ppv

tattoo documentary john samson

tattoo age vbs

video asian art museum shige horitomo horiyuki horitaka horiyoshi 3 related


old tattoo photos

acetate stencils


tattoo history museum exhibit

local tattoos sailors exhibit

Old ink archive

tattoo discoveries found sale

horiyoshi iii exhibition london's somerset house

If you would like something added to this list please add a comment and mention @slayer9019

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Mods can you open this for me to edit? I had to clean it up and got cut off.

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Mods can you open this for me to edit? I had to clean it up and got cut off.

Did you edit it yet?

Also, nice sig. :)

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Did you edit it yet?

Also, nice sig. :)

Not edited yet had to fix one more thing.

And yes awesome sig

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I came across this Stoney St. Clair documentary which I couldn't find here on the board:


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    • Hi there LST peeps, so Ive been drawing pretty much my entire life, ive taken some classes here and there but no degree in fine arts or anything. Anyways I have recently oddly become surrounded by tattoo artists in my life and I think for the first time I could actually become like an artist in my life and possibly not starve to death or wilt away in some design company creating brochures for some stupid company.  So anyways here ive put together a little link of some example of my work (some is woodburned on guitars ive made). I just was hoping to get a feel for if i could survive in this tattooing world, if my skills are halfway decent enough to get an apprenticeship and start learning the ropes and stuff.

      Let me know what you guys think, thanks!
    • I remember all the pain, I'm not stoked about the memories.  I still get tattoos by artists I like regardless of how hard it is to sit through it, I just maybe got a little rant-y about it.  I completely trust you when you say Chad still heals well and is worth the cost of admission, I just got a little defensive about the subject I guess. I can agree I put more emphasis on the outcome and bond after the tattoo.  At least everyone here is honest about tattoos hurting, anyone that says otherwise is a liar. 
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