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Before I pay for it, do you guys make anything from this ? If so I'll definitely pay for it !

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Thanks for asking though unfortunately we don't as it is just a generic app that works with the program we use for the site. Have you seen the thread, Mobile App for LST that users have shared their experience?

I do know that we are trying to make the site better for mobile users so hopefully it's getting better.....

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Ahhh didn't realise there was a thread for this. Just got an iPad and viewing with chrome some of the photos are cut in half .

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    • IMO there is no global answer to this,all of us heal and react differently to many different methods.The only way to heal well is to find out which method works best for each individual ,and the only way to find that answer IMO is through trial and error.There is no blanket rule/method that works for everyone. in the many years that I have been getting tattooed,I have heard dozens of opinions,and methods seem to trend and change.    
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