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Right on! We'll try to keep things non-hemisphere specific to make you feel welcome.

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Welcome @kellieselina ! What part of Oz do you hail from? Welcome to LST and I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay :D

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    • It shouldnt be more difficult to tattoo than any other design out there. Typically they will take the image you give them and use it as a stencil, so they dont need to actually "understand" the language in order to tattoo it.
    • So I still have not gotten my first tattoo yet, and I am planning on getting it in about a week, my first two are going to be a lion on my forearm and my grandmothers name. However, her name is not in English it is in Amharic (Ethiopian), I have the letter that I want tattooed but I was wondering if there is anything that I need to know about getting a foreign tattoo, Do artists charge more? is it more difficult for them to do? etc. the picture below is what the letters look like. P.S sorry for the dumb questions I'm new to this scene.
    • IMO there is no global answer to this,all of us heal and react differently to many different methods.The only way to heal well is to find out which method works best for each individual ,and the only way to find that answer IMO is through trial and error.There is no blanket rule/method that works for everyone. in the many years that I have been getting tattooed,I have heard dozens of opinions,and methods seem to trend and change.    
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