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Right on! We'll try to keep things non-hemisphere specific to make you feel welcome.

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Welcome @kellieselina ! What part of Oz do you hail from? Welcome to LST and I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay :D

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    • Finished!!!! If anyone ever asks you for tattoo advice: "get enough sleep" needs to be at the top of the list. I've barely slept but a couple hours each of the last three nights.... and I could barely make it through the final 4 hours of tattooing needed to complete my sleeve. After about an hour, everything just hurt bad, and I had very little tolerance for pain this time around. Here's a pic of the final sleeve. Some of the oranges are really yellow but inflamed... and there is actually no red in the swirling spiral on the back of the arm -- just red from the work. Going back in a month for some touch-up work (not a lot of green held in the dragon's head first time around) and I will post healed photos in a few weeks.  
    • Rough draft. Some
      More detail/scales, need to be added. But I'm so happy. Starts on oct 28

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