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Homeless Guy Yells at Mom

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Car thief yells at mom for leaving toddler unattended


It's a crazy world out there.

A young mother goes fishing at the beach with her 2-year-old son and her boyfriend in Galveston, Tex.

The couple decides it's too cold for the toddler so the mom sticks him in the car, turns on the heater, and heads back to the beach where her boyfriend is trying to catch a big one.

A homeless man walks by and he decides to steal that car, and drives away, not realizing there's a child inside.

When the thief sees the toddler, he drives back to the beach, finds the couple, and yells at the mom for leaving her child alone in the car. The homeless man then runs off.

The district attorney decided not to file charges against the woman and her boyfriend for leaving the child in the car, according to

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