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Ink fever from Barcelona

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Hello, I'm Sergio, from Barcelona, I'm 36 years old and I'm crazy with all staff around the tattoo world.

I really have enjoyed with all the post, info and videos of this awesome comunity, thanks for share.

Excuse me if my english is rude.

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    • I remember all the pain, I'm not stoked about the memories.  I still get tattoos by artists I like regardless of how hard it is to sit through it, I just maybe got a little rant-y about it.  I completely trust you when you say Chad still heals well and is worth the cost of admission, I just got a little defensive about the subject I guess. I can agree I put more emphasis on the outcome and bond after the tattoo.  At least everyone here is honest about tattoos hurting, anyone that says otherwise is a liar. 
    • Well, I don't have that many tattos. Seven visits (4 join as a half sleeve, I guess.) Honestly, I know there was pain, but I don't really remember it. I DO remember the pain from my bike wreck, though!
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