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Born Weird art show and book.

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I just wanted to mention this new project we are working on. It is an exhibit catalog for an art show with the theme “Born Weird” at Portland’s own Upper Playground gallery FIFTY24PDX. Craig Brown of Historic Tattoo and Scott Boyer of Yellow Beak Press have hand picked the contributors for this project. Tattooers were selected based on style and asked to paint four sheets containing gross or weird subject matter. The result seem to be all over the board from gross-out to just bizarre. We promise it won’t disappoint! The book we are producing will include all of the content from the exhibit and some extra material. We hope to have it out in early 2013. Check Yellow Beak Press production updates.The opening was on 10-4-12 at PDX’s Upper Playground gallery. The exhibit will be up until December 2012. The roster is as follows.

Aaron Coleman

Adam Craven

Adam Warmerdam

Andrew Stickler

Andy Campoy

Bart Bingham

Bradley Delay

Craig Brown

Danny Reed

Erik Gillespie

Ezra Haidet

Jeff Rassier

Jeremy Joachim

Jesse Bob

Jesse Gordon

John Henry Gloyne

Josh Howard

Justin Wheeler

Luis Campos

Matthew Welch

Matt Ziolko

Miguel “Uzi” Montgomery

Murray Sell

Nick Filth

Scott La Rock

Sean O’Neill

Shawn Mcdonald

Tim Lehi

Zach Shereck




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I saw all the finished sheets for the first time this week. Everyone really threw down on this one. It was super impressive to see them displayed in the gallery. If you are near Portland check it out!

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The Danny Reed sheets' have been incredible, I can't wait to see the rest!

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Awesome, right up my street!

Will there be a limited signed editions or something?

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Yeah pre orders will get some goodies but thats a ways off. I am guessing Feb.

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