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Hello from Scotland

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Hey guys, just about to get my first (of many) tattoos and wanted to join a group where I could get the best advice



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Welcome, Panda!

Sorry it took so long for any of us surly bastards to notice your post-no excuse!

So, let's hear about your tattoo plans?!

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    • Question about 'what makes a good tattoo'. Traditional tattoos are intentionally quite flat. However, I really like the effect of depth and dimension. However, it would seem that the detail required for this would not hold very well? It requires shadowing, I suppose and quite subtle gradations in shading. How do people feel about 3-D, for instance? I am thinking of an Enid Blyton themed far away tree and was considering a particular artist who does 'illustrative' tattoos - however - I'm looking at the portfolio and noticing that there is not much depth to the images. But does 'depth' really work on skin? I'v only seen online images so I was wondering IRL...
    • Hey, I don't know much about tattoos and need advice.  I have my eyebrows and ribs tattooed. I was told by both tattoo artists that my skin is very unusual and doesn't hold ink well haha. You can let me know if thats a real thing.  I got my ribs tattooed in a couple hours on a road trip (...) and the tattoo is patchy blue, purple, and red(ish) with no black. The artist kinda rushed at the end because he was really pervy and could tell I was getting upset. I'm not sure if I should get it outlined or expand on it or cover it up or what?    Also, I encourage anyone who fills in their eyebrows daily to get them tattooed... I'm so happy with how natural and full they turned out. 
    • @DJDeepFried well one needs to make an appointment for a consultation. Like that is done by phone or messenger or going in to schedule it. Then the consultation involves discussing what you want and then after the consultation I made an appointment for in a year which is the soonest I could get (they did inform me of that before the consultation, so it wasn't like they sprung it on me). So - why not just make the appointment for the consultation in a year's time, a week or so before having the actual work done? I guess its to get the deposit to make sure one actually comes for the appointment - after all, the chances of changing ones mind in the interim are quite high, and it would be awkward to ask for a deposit without even having a discussion...
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