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    • Its been two weeks, I was told by the artist to put ointment on it for two weeks. But its bulgibg a little and theres like the white-ish outline. What do I do? Just leave it alone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • It's not just a UK thing, it's a Washington and LA thing as well. It's a very peculiar concept to me that so many people treat tattoos as a fashion accessory; the "I like this tattoo where they have it, and I want it just like that on me" (ignoring that this person is very possibly built and proportioned very differently than they are. It's fine, not really offensive, and not really my problem; it just seems a bit like they're forgetting that this isn't the must-have phone that they can just trade in after a better one comes out.
    • Getting those mandatory posts out of the way I see...
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