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paulewoglinnerforearm Tattoo Picture

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  Description for paulewoglinnerforearm

Description by CaptJackSparrow


Michigan J. Frog

Comments for paulewoglinnerforearm (3)

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    06:22 AM
    Re: paulewoglinnerforearm
    hello my it
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    01:00 PM
    Re: paulewoglinnerforearm
    Thanks - that one's for my son. his name is Paul (middle initial W.), and growing up, his friends always called him "Paul E. Wog", and later, "the Wog". I don't know if they dubbed him, or he claimed it himself, but when he hit late teens or early adult, he became "King Wog". When I was younger, I used to collect frogs; at some point, I gave them all to him... and when I started getting tattoos, it seemed the best "tribute" for him. They say getting names tattoo'd is a mistake... but I figure if it's your kid... THAT never changes!
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    02:40 AM
    Re: paulewoglinnerforearm
    Heh that's a great story. And yes, its quite fine to get your kids name as they'll always be your kids. Spouse however is not a guarantee!

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