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    I got one tattoo, and then I couldn't help getting more. It's going to be a problem one day. (update Sept. 2015) my non tattoo collecting friends say I have now attained niche status.
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    montreal quebec canada
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    tattoos (as you may have guessed), leather boots, selvedge denim & finding clever puns
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  1. Seeing this makes me think I will stick with my saran wrap method. It's a pain to have to keep changing it, and it bunches up sometimes, but I've never had blisters from it.
  2. Tell us what city you live in, then people will chime in with good shops or tattooers in your area. Next step is to go to one of those good tattooers and ask them. They are the artists. We are just people who like to get good tattoos.
  3. You sir win the internet for this day! Congratulations :)
  4. Traditional enough for tattooing. If you want top notch work in a traditional style look no further than Blackheart tattoo! You cannot go wrong there!
  5. Let the tattoo heal! Then use social media, like Instagram to find an awesome tattooer who's work you like. Track them down and make an appointment. They will be able to do the design work.
  6. I think that ever since not dying during the lining session Chad gave my ribs, my perspective is a little skewed. One day I'll get my back done and then will be able to compare apples to apples.
  7. Dave did a pretty big tiger on my ribs last fall. He's pretty quick and fairly gentle, but most importantly, he's awesome! You'll get an epic tattoo from a tattooer's tattooer.
  8. Skin takes time to heal. Scar tissue takes time to settle. Wait a year or three and then choose your course of action. A real Dr. will tell you that it has to heal fully first. Anyone else wants your money. Also next time you need a tattoo removed try laser, it seems to work and not have as many after effects as excision.
  9. I'm sure that none of those things work. You'll just have to keep covered and in the shade for a few months. Give it until next march or so and you'll be good.
  10. Glad to see you got that appointment set up. If you keep making great decisions like this you'll have a heck of a collection!
  11. Something fishy is going on here 🐠🐟🐡
  12. Hi, has anybody else had the issue of having to login each time they return to the site? This only started for me in the past few days. I view the site through an Ipad using an old os and safari. Cheers, Sam
  13. Welcome, Chris Collins work looks quite nice in the traditional style. You may also want to try to get in with pedro_soos who seems to be doing a guest spot (visit to the shop) in August. As for advice, closely follow the aftercare advice given by the artist who does your tattoo, and take no advice from anyone or anywhere else! Once you have ten tattoos that have healed well do what works for you, but everyone will have suggestions, ignore them. Post a photo once you get something.
  14. I've found that if you are friendly, and willing to pay for the time people are quite happy to do five minutes of work on another artists work. Mention it and say some thing like, while you have your machines setup, would you mind throwing in a touch of... Good luck.