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  1. That would be curious. How would a $5 fee affect membership, I wonder . . . ? Would it keep serious folks from being able to post and ask questions?
  2. not so much about what kind of tree, but more about what artist has done tree tattoos that nail what you want to look at forever. Especially in that location.
  3. Starting my right half sleeve with Randy Muller this evening. Oversized chrysanthemum with a couple of extras in and around. I'm finally gonna have some balance (now there's an old thread . . . ).
  4. It'll fit just fine on your wrist. Best thread in ages, by the way.
  5. actually thinking about scheduling a vacation around this event- but for next year.
  6. certainly not impolite to call and try to touch base
  7. aside from that particular location having a fairly high probability of not lasting very long on many people . . .
  8. wouldn't take much laser to get that to a point of fixing.
  9. anything traditional or neo-traditional.
  10. Yow! Need to get you some hip-huggers.
  11. Wow. Is that an ICP event? Guess they need the tattoo money to buy tarps so the rain doesn't get in . . .
  12. I don't know. I respected 3-4 of those artists (and actually followed 2 of them on instagram) before this season's contestants were even picked - and I was disappointed with each and every one of those peacocks. I haven't watched the last couple of seasons because I got tired of having to fast forward through the drama to see the art. Not sure if I'm going to be able to hang with this whole season or not . . .
  13. can't help you with the topic, but Wendy always has entertaining art to enjoy. Go for it.
  14. sounds like shunga to me!
  15. Looks to be pretty decent. My concern might be that the background is pretty close to the same tone as the bottom of the bird, so in 10-15 years it might not be too discernable - but with the background only being 2 weeks old, it might lighten up a bit in the next month or two, too.