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  1. Cool and welcome! Let's see some pictures -
  2. I watched it, but only because of a convergence of paths/opportunity, those being: a/ we happen to be in Houston this week b/ Nate Beavers posted about a 1st show preview party at the 8th Wonder Brewery c/ the 8th Wonder Brewery is about 12 minutes from our place here d/ they were raffling off prizes and free tattoos (! - which we did not win) Surprised this year that there will a couple of names I recognized, including Kelly Doty and Ryan and Matthew Murray. It was great meeting Nate, too. I wish him luck!
  3. This shop has a couple of great artists.
  4. There are many threads that start with this sort of theme. Here is the most common boiled-down result. Generally, word and especially sentence tattoos are pretty boring. Images are visually interesting. It doesn't matter what the image is as long as it reminds YOU ("immensely personal experience", right?) of the feeling/inspiration/event/person/etc/etc.
  5. welcome. You can start with Sean Ramshackle, Max Ireland and Austin Hermans.
  6. @Huskey that all depends on where you are located, what kind of shop it is and what kind of job he does. Given that you're asking this question at all prompts me to offer - I would tread VERY carefully, if at all. You're gonna wear his practice forever.
  7. Knew I'd think of it eventually . . . Winston Salem area
  8. This is great. Thanks, Shawn Porter - wherever you are . . .
  9. spend some time on this forum soaking up some knowledge and learning about things. You'll be glad in the long run.
  10. Nice. You're in one of the tattoo artist heavens, over there.
  11. Nice start. Where do you live?
  12. Rochester has a couple of good artists, as does Buffalo. You can move into epic work if you go as far east as Florida, NY
  13. For what it's worth - my sternum was definitely worse than my back.
  14. welcome!
  15. Flying to Dallas to visit my Brother-in-law over the Labor Day weekend, and have managed to secure an appointment with Jershtattoos (Joshua Stuart) while we're up there. Yes.