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  1. @streem26 I remember seeing that picture back when it was still fresh (and red). I sure would like to see a healed picture, and without the flat tire!
  2. or you could be like instagram and put cute little Japanese cartoon heads over the nipples . . . :/
  3. Certainly, some artists are better at "saturating" their ink than others. That is probably the difference between your 1st and 2nd tattoo. Getting healed pictures will be tougher, as most artists never see a good portion of their work again, once it walks out the door. A healed picture can have a filter applied to it, too. None of this will assist you in guaranteeing a VIVID tattoo, of course - it just gives you as much info as the rest of us has . . .
  4. easy road trip. 3.5 hour drive from New Orleans to Pensacola's white white beaches. gotta get in some swimming and such before my next appointment in September
  5. So we're leaving soon to put some sand between our toes, and enroute we'll be passing by a shop in Daphne, Al that I've been wanting to visit = called The Bell Rose Tattoo. Owner Sean Herman both does awesome tattoos but also operates a semi-attached side project/museum/blog called the Serpents of Bienville While the latter is not not tattoo specific it did also lead me to a mid-80's (nsfw) documentary hosted by Peter Fonda which even features Lysle Tuttle dropping trou(!). Was mildly surprised to not see any reference to it anywhere on this site, so here it is:
  6. Maybe your artist or one of his/her shopmates has an example, or two?
  7. ditto on all the above, welcome and nice tattoo!
  8. how to pick an artist is the most important part. Welcome, and learn!
  9. Hoser.
  10. Images are so much more interesting . . .
  11. @lance = pictures or it didn't happen.
  12. Sorry to hear about this. Is she playing the religion card, too?
  13. Hey

    and welcome!
  14. welcome, and nice collection!
  15. welcome, and standing by -