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  1. I've been talking to @steve recently, and we want to revive the Tattoo of the month contest (no shirt prize this time around though). We thought it would be nice to get some input from the LST community as to what the new contest rules and structure should look like. Discuss!
  2. Yo! There will be an announcement regarding a new TOTM contest very soon! Stay tuned.
  3. Yo! There will be an announcement regarding a new TOTM contest very soon! Stay tuned.
  4. Enough already. @j144, if you don't tone down you attitude and language you will be banned. @oboogie, namecalling has never de-escalated anything. This right here is the kinda shit that every forum in the world is riddled with, but LST used to be nearly free of. This thanks to the respectful and reflected tone that dominated throughout our member base. How about we try to get back to our roots, educate the best we can, or just don't reply to posts we don't agree with, and let them die out. Not groovy, man... (Sorry, I just re-watched Easy Rider)
  5. Nice! What are you getting? I'm down for a beer or something if I'm not too busy with school.
  6. Velkommen!
  7. SICK!!! - - - Updated - - - Oh my! How did I miss this one? Tough and beautiful, @Graeme nailed it. Love this one so much.
  8. You finally got it!! Congrats and welcome to the club :D
  9. Wrong section for a post like that. Subtle/easily hidden? Second picture in that video was a set of finger tattoos... Oh well. Please cruise around the forum a bit and get acquainted with the different sections. Sine you're new on the board I recommend posting an introduction here: Initiation | New to Last Sparrow Tattoo | Last Sparrow Tattoo
  10. Yo! Submissions had gone way down for a while, so we (the mods) decided a little break was in order. But fear not, I'm sure we'll be back in some shape or form in the near future :)
  11. What's up Steve! Welcome to LST!
  12. Welcome Tony!