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philly here we come.

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Scott Sylvia


So i'm going to the philly convention this week . I am super stoked to be on the east coast and to see some friends from out there and do some tattoos. I am gonna bring my new set of flash, and some machines to sell, and my two hands to make some tattoos. i will be working at olde city tattoo for a couple of days after. if anyone wants to get tattooed let me know i would be super stoked to do it. as long as it's not a celtic thing on your neck, thats where i draw the line. neck tattoos and celtic just not together.

Well, that said i'm hoping to get a couple of interviews done while i'm there, I am going to interview Tim Hendricks when i get back. I have the Brian Burk one that my wife has to edit for me and that will be up soon. I have a few book reviews i'm working on one is the Danish tattoo book the other is the Ben Corday one that Hardy put out. Both are awesome and very useful tools.

We all know about the Jef Whitehead thing i just want to say that i have been friends with this man for twenty years he is one of my favorite tattooers and all around one of the most talented fuck ups i have ever seen. So i will ask that you hope for the best and keep the bullshit aside, We don't need to perpetuate gossip and drama, if you don't know him, don't talk about him. Please.

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