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Sweet home Chicago




What I woke up to this morning......18 inches of snow.





At least I got the day off.



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This is from what we here in Canada have been calling the snow-magedden storm of 2011? LOL I live in a very open area in the country and I have drifts that over waist deep LOL Dragging the horse manure cart through that drift this morning was not an easy task. Is the storm finished yet there in Chicago? Its now 3:20 Eastern time and still snowing strong here.

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Sorry, I don't feel too bad for you. We've already had almost 80" of snow so far here in CT. By the time the Chicago storm reached the northeast it was an ice storm.

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Nah don't feel bad its all good like you were saying you get lots of snow, and so do we that's just what winter is about. Although our winter last year had almost no snow at all, that the snowmobile trail people who issue trail permits for this season had to add for an extra $10 (if you wanted) a "snow guarantee" that they were promising at least so much snow fall or you could get your trail permit money back LOL The snow is still falling here and its now 7:00pm eastern time

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the sky cleared up around noon.there talkin 25 below overnight and possibly another 6 inches.This winter was very clam, somewhat of a surprise getting hit with this. I spent most of the day watching people try to dig there cars out.one guy ran his 4 banger into a 3 foot drift had to get out dukes of hazard style,then fell on his head.Now Im just waiting to find out if i got work tomorrow

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