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I got tattooed by Bailey a couple of years ago. I was visiting New York, and only had time for a small tattoo. He did a bird on my hand. It is solid, simple and I like it a lot. He was punctual, prepared, and nice. The experience was a good one.

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Bailey tattooed me in 2007 or 2008 when he was over at Hold Fast. He did a small ship in a bottle on my arm near the elbow and by all rights coulda told me to fuck off since it was kind of a weird/tiny spot. He was nice though and I've been itching to get back for something about 20x bigger! Hopefully this summer.

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I got tattooed by Bailey for the 4th time last week. He's probably my favorite dude to get tattooed by, amazingly talented, hilarious and just a good dude. His new little studio is beautiful as well, we had a blast hanging out. If you're considering getting tattooed by him I highly recommend it. A word of advice if you do though, DO NOT BE LATE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT!! Bailey does not play that shit.

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