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Hi NavyDavy,

too many tattoo artists or too many GOOD tattoo artists...? 2 very different things.

I am not an expert on the supply/demand for tattoo artists but there is always going to be competition in any business you choose to be in. The great artists are going to be able to build their business and no matter what the competition probably remain pretty busy.

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I don't know that there is a short answer to this. If there had to be, I would say there are too many tattooers. One problem is, that with the internet, equipment is easily attained by someone who is not trained and knowledgable enough to use it. Also, careers are given away to people. Apprenticeships are handed out without merit and are nothing more then a joke, in a lot of cases. Even worse, tattoo "schools" have sprung up teaching people to be a "professional" in 6 weeks. Just pay us $5,000 and we will give you a career in a month and a half. Worse yet, is that in these "schools" and joke apprenticeships, nobody teaches anyone respect for the history and traditions of the business. So, the business gets flooded with people who do not know their craft and have no respect for it. Without skill or respect, they rely on undercutting prices and shit-talking to fuel whatever business they can muster. So, you can see how there can be a problem with it.

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Its a hard subject which offends all walks of life in the industry.

My self and my co worker are new to the industry only tattooing for 4 years

Coming in on the wave of tattoo reality shows some would say but also coming from the art industry prior to inking,

I have one thought and that is, I have seen lots of artistically challenged tattooist with shops doing cheap tattoos, not good I hear you say but there seem to be a Line of artistically challenged costumers waiting for cheap tattoos,

The sad thing is when you get a costumer pull up there sleeve and show you a "tattoo" which would make a Billy goat puke.

People need to really look at the tattooist before working with them.

Some people do get tattoos with as much thought as buying a pair of shoes,

Maybe there should be a governing body of people who award tattoo shops a certificate of quality so the public could make a choice between good and bad.

But again things with so many variables are hard to police.

But to start I think someone needs to put a stop to shops opening with such a small amount of time spent on the machine just to protect the public and just as important to protect the image of the industry.

Shit sticks as we all know.

Peace n out fockers

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Also, careers are given away to people. Apprenticeships are handed out without merit and are nothing more then a joke, in a lot of cases.

What I hate to see is truely skilled artists that really want to learn and have the dedication being denied apprenticeships while people who couldn't draw their way out of a paper bag being given a spot because they have the right connections. Either that or they have the 5 grand or whatever for the quick "apprenticeship". I have yet to teach anyone, but if I do, they will be a better artist than me. Don't want to contribute to the plethora of hack jobs out there.

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