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I want to be your BLOG

Jill Bonny



My name is Jill Bonny, Horiyuki and Jill Mandelbaum. I tattoo, I write for tattoo magazines and I write and publish books on the subject of tattooing. I am a die hard idealist and live to preserve and defend tattooing as I know it. I work at State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose and live in San Francisco. I look forward to sharing all of the comedy and tragedy that this great industry has to offer with all of you out there in the interweb...



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I heard you were going to make your way over to the site and am happy to see you've joined us! Thanks and welcome to Last Sparrow Tattoo.

Until next time...


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Hi guys! Good to see allof you

um, Nick I really thought you would've lasted longer with Scott, seriously, Colin and I have spent a lot of time discussing it.

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