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my scott sylvia machine insanity......

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thought i'd post a few of my machines i've gotten from scott (or made with him). i sell and trade shit all the time but each of these are with me till the end.

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I love that blackheart anniversary machine and the new coils he's doing with the laser engraving are pretty bitching too.

Do you or Scott have a picture of the 222 machine or how about that one that's made from an old bolt or is it a nail and other random bottom of the tool box crap....

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i don't have a pic of the 222 frame but scott might be able to post a pic. the blue frame on the bottom right is handmade by scott as is the one on the far right in the middle row. the bulldog on the top row next to the SF machine is from the first run of malone/cifferi frames they made in about '99. scott got the frame and built it and used it for years. the silver colored coleman frame in the middle row i got from bert krak. he got it from jimmy at luckys and has a #1 engraved on it. scott doesn't remember engraving it but i am assuming jimmy engraved it and its possibly the first one he sold from lucky's. the one on the bottom row with the "SS" and "D&G" engraved on it is the first henry prototype.

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i forgot about most of those. it hurts me to see the one in the top left, fucking loved that thing does it still run good? or is it a paper weight now? the whitehead one looks so many miles on it. makes me very happy. thanks for posting them.

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