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My precious.

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Ms. Mikki


blogentry-118-146168899062_thumb.jpgHere are a few of "my precious" I have at the shop. The Jensen, I have had my entire career. I felt like the tattoo gods had blessed me on my journey with that one, when it came to me. The Mickey B. Aaron had brought back from Italy for Mike and I. I still use it daily. The Juanito...yes, #8. First batch. I still use that machine, since the Avalon daze. Ill try to remember to take a photo of "my precious" I have at home. Cheers, M
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Hey, if yer refering to the machine frame at the top center as the Jensen, it's a Zeis frame and a very nice one at that.

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Hawk, I was told by Chuck Elderidge it was an Owen Jensen. This of course was a long while back. Please share with me your info on it, if you have it. And Dringenberg and company, you made my precious collection years ago. Ill post those when I remember to take my camera home. You are in good company. :) Always,


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Hello Hawk, I sent ya an email, a few weeks ago. Would like some of your brain memory as to this machine. I had also been told it was a collaborative effort. Hence why there is no marks on frame. Kinda like, when Danny and Juan put their know how together to tweek the philosophers stone. Looking forward to hearing from ya. Cheerios, M

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