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Who do you want to tattoo you?



With a finite amount of available real estate, I have compiled a list of tattooers I want work from before I run out of space.

Who else has a similar list? Let's see it!

Anyways, here's mine:

Steve Byrne

Danny Reed

Erick Lynch

Aaron Coleman

Scott Sylvia

El Monga


Steve Boltz

Eli Quinters

Jay Cavna


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The fun of it is in the collecting! I feel ya on the finite space. That's why I like Oliver Peck's tiny tats. There's always room for more. I've been tattooed by all my early heroes so now its just finishing up what I've started then I'll collect tiny tats from people I meet along the way in the next forty years.

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there's many on this list that i also hope to get work by. you have an amazing red beard. there should be a group for ginger bearded men, like a secret society. sorry, i'm going off topic now haha!

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My list is constantly changing' date=' I have gotten a chance to knock a bunch of people off, but then I always want more work by them.

Tomas Garcia

Scott Sylvia

Deno Jr

Mario Desa (SFO Convention Appt, stoked)

Rob Benavides

Mike Wilson

Bert Krak

Richard Stell

There's always more...[/quote']

Holy crap! I completely forgot about Mike Wilson, Bert Krak and Richard Stell on my list! This is what I get for blogging from work. Haha.

Did you see pics of the back piece that Stell started on his son?

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Man it is a tough call since there are so many badass tattooers out there. plus this is the type of situation like going into a record store and forgetting every record you wanted to buy...but here's who i am thinking off hand

Steve Byrne

Danny Reed

Mario Desa

Krooked Ken

Timothy Hoyer

Chad Koeplinger

Sky James

Scott Sylvia

yeah this list could go on for a while i think hahah

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Damn Patrick! Yet another LST members kickings off their tattoo blog with a loaded tattoo topic. As everyone said above the list goes on and on and I like the record store analogy. The hardest part for me is making appointments as when I want to get tattooed I just want to get tattooed which is all the time but finances help filter this somewhat. Anywho to contribute who the next two I am dying to get tattooed by are Thomas Hooper (where ever but right kneecap could be fun) and Tim Hendricks (would love to have him do rose and other filler on my front). Thanks for bringing such a great tattoo blog topic!

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i am running out of space lately so:

richard stell(SFO convention, hopefully)

more mike wilson

more ben grillo (get some real fancyness of the size of a stamp)

more jeff rassier

more scott harrison

imme (my amazing grilfriend)

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chad!! we still need to trade, GENT! saving a spot for you!

...anyway, just last week got a small one from jen munford, and a small one from nick rodin. finally got one from krak in july...anyway, i got a spot for mr. boltz and a spot for mr. byrne, hopefully getting one from jeff rassier in a few weeks. need more scott sylvia, more jeff zuck. oh, gotta finally get one from nikki balls too! mike wilson, brad fink, more seth ciferri...i don't know....juan puente....my son one day????

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Every time someone posts their list, I see someone else that I forgot to add to mine. Unless I suddenly develop the body of Andre the Giant, I am never going to have enough surface area to get work from everyone I should get tattooed by. Haha.

Mario, what are the pieces that you got from Jen Munford and Nick Rodin?

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i have a big coleman dragon (like davita's from huck) on my whole back from nick colella. it has no background, so i'm putting birds around it. jen did a swallow with an envelope in its beak. nick did a swallow with a dagger through it.

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i have a big coleman dragon (like davita's from huck) on my whole back from nick colella. it has no background, so i'm putting birds around it. jen did a swallow with an envelope in its beak. nick did a swallow with a dagger through it.

that sounds awesome...and like a good way to fit in a bunch of work from different people.

do you have any work from thom devita? i didn't think that he tattooed anymore, but i saw a couple of pictures of him tattooing tomas garcia and adam shrewsbury (last year sometime i believe).

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I'm gonna forget some, I'm sure. Definitely want to get to


Mike Wilson

Bert Krak

Robert Ryan

Scott Sylvia


Mario Desa

Stan Moskowitz

really would like to get tattoo by Elio, too and I've got no excuse since I live down the st.

Need to get back to

Bailey, too and would like something else from Oliver Peck. And Eli.. and everyone haha.

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do you have any work from thom devita?

I have been tattooed by him at his house; but only by referral by a good mutual friend. From what I hear you may or may not catch him in a zappin mood at the very few conventions he goes to.

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I'm happy just to get random tats from my homies, but if I lived in a perfect world where unicorns, chocolate roses and never-never-land exists, legends do not die and I'll take a tattoo from Peter Poulos.

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here we go....

Bob Roberts- id cut off my arm and give it to him to tattoo

Freddy Corbin

Valerie Vargas- of course who wouldnt want a tattoo from her

Andrew Stickler

Mario Desa

Nick Colella

Jeff Zuck

Kieth Underwood

Steve Byrne

Oliver Peck

Jack Rudy

Tim Lehi

Josh Arment- Id like to just hangout with Josh getting tattooed by him would be epic

Steve Boltz

Bert Krak

Chad Koeplinger- I dream of getting tattooed by Chad in a temple somewhere in Tibet. His travel blog is amazing.

Tony Hundahl- The huge wolf chest piece he did blew my mind

Scott Sylvia

Nick Rodin

Zeke Owen

Lyle Tuttle

...........In the afterlife

Tats Thomas

Cap Coleman


Amund Dietzel

Sailor Jerry

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i would like tattooes from:

filip leu

Mick tattoo

Mike Wilson

Bert Krak

Adam Barton

Chad Koeplinger

Tim Hendricks

Don Ed

Matt Shamah

horiyoshi III

more from GRIME

Bob roberts

Hunter bailey robinson


Uncle Allan

Henning J

chris conn

Mike Shea

Chris Trevino


Deno jr

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