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New Zealand?




anyone have any opinions on traveling or living there? more specifically, the North Island and Wellington?



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My family is from there.

My uncle came to visit a few years back. When we went hiking he wore slippers and refused to drink water. He said "you get more if you suck on stones..." which he did all 5 hours of the hike. He also had maybe 5 teeth and i never knew what he was saying.

If New Zealand is half as awesome as he was just go.

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I live in NZ too, to be honest head for the South Island if you come all this way much more beautiful then the north where I live.

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I'm from Wellington, although I've been living overseas for the past couple of years. It's a fantastic little city. What sort of things do you want to know about??

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Trying to get that ta moko?


actually, i've decided to get a second bachelor's degree in something completely different from my first (conservation biology), and a co-worker is trying to convince me that Victoria University of Wellington is a great place to go for it. So far, he's convincing me. it would be a big transition, so i'm trying to weigh all my options right now.

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oh and thanks for the responses so far! as for what i want to know, how about everything? i've never been to NZ so this would be an adventure!

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Your right it would be a big transition. From my experience travelling through the states NZ is different of course but not so different you couldn't settle and feel comfortable. Wellington is a cool city, Great nightlife and a artisan kind of feel to it. It is very exposed however and gets a lot of wind and during winter very wet and cold. Summer in NZ is how you would imagine,for the most part dry and warm. I think it is a big call relocating half way round the world, I would suggest you come out for a holiday (vacation) and check it out, I know for myself its that old saying there's no place like home.

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I'm sure I remember that you have an interest in Rugby ?What more appropriate place than New Zealand .I agree with WernDog ,Wellington has a very bohemian -alternative sort of vibe and a lot of diversity.I must emphasise the name "windy Wellington"ain't no joke and it's probably the most windiest city in the world .

On a side note:I haven't lived in N.Z. for a long time but when I left the joke of the time was "would the last one left switch the lights out " Great to see this has completely reversed as New Zealand has a lot of appeal for the adventurous

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My friend Ashley and his wife (also named Ashley) moved to Auckland so she could get her Masters degree in Epidemiology. She said because the government subsides education she gets a lot more for her money there and the opportunity of a lifetime to live in New Zealand. I know they don''t live in Wellington but they seem to have been enjoying themselves so far. The only complaints they had at the onset was that you had to get pay as you go internet and cell phones and beer is expensive at bars and for him the fact that he had no thermofax and couldn't get the pigments he usually uses but that probably doesn't apply. But for the most part they have nothing but good things to say and they really have enjoyed the experience, although they have plans to come back once she graduates.

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