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Design/Flash Painting: Gloss or No Gloss?

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So I've been painting designs now for over 3 years using Watercolor, FW Liquid Acrylic and Pelikan Ink on Arches (green cover) paper. Is it common or standard practice to spray them with a gloss cover to make them last longer or preserve them better? Or is it a "thing" to just give them "That SHINE!"

All my artist friends I've asked don't do this, but I was looking at another friends artwork and its glossy. When I asked him if he used the spray gloss, he just said, "It's one of my secrets and I aint sharing." The work looks pretty cool with the gloss but I don’t know.....

So, I know it's an individual thing, but does spraying them with the gloss make the design lose its Old School Feel or Street Credibility?

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In my opinion, I don't think it'd loose its "cred" at all as long as it's a good piece of work :) You do what you want, it's your artwork!

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