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New updated Website

Nick Colella



so with all this social networking Facebook, Shop Blogs,Twitter and all the other crap i had let me website fall to the way side, but recently i updated it and added a little tattoo history photo section I still need to tweak it a little more but for now its up and actually has some newer(within the last 2 years) photos.

I think this LST thing kinda lite a fire for me to rework it


any input would be appreciated



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Hi Nick,

fantastic website. The old images are truly priceless. what a time!

i think it looks great...if there is one thing i might change (and it could totally be me) maybe make the font a smidge bigger....

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Nick, I love the simple navigation and the straight forwardness of your site. The content is so rich and intriguing that it gives a more genuine confidence in your work not some flashy nonsense that disappoints.

How about that shark/unicorn? Did you do that on Nick Rodin for hustling you? For reals though on the tattoo photos I loved them with the traditional american style and boldness with your own twist/flavor. That rock of ages back piece is awesome, did you ever get to finish it? Color or black and grey? A chef for tattoos if you will. Yes, i am getting cheesy here but it is well deserved! Go check out this site and get tattooed if you are out that way, Chicago, LSTers!!

Then the flash of the multiple cities was very enjoyable, are you continuing to do these variations for your friends? The history is always enjoyable especially an american touch as I have seen very little of this done well.

As for suggestions I would go with Tammy on the font size other than that I was drawn in!!!!

Alright once again thanks for your continual contribution not only here but to tattooing in general!!

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thanks everyone, i just bumped up the font and cleaned up the colors a bit..thanks for the input, i have so many old photos i am going to be putting up so look for added content.

thanks for the replies

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The site looks good. The one thing I noticed, is that you might want to label your galleries.

The piece you did of the reaper in the graveyard is gorgeous!

I think it is pretty funny that there was time when all you needed for an online presence was your personal website. Maybe I should share that in a Tweet or Facebook status update! Everyone wants to know what I am thinking!

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