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Frith Street Tattoo, August 2011

Stewart Robson


I shot this video over the course of a few weeks in August 2011.

I wanted to show what it's like at Frith Street Tattoo. We try to be a no-nonsense tattoo shop and just do the best tattoos we can. I didn't intend to make an introduction to the shop, or an introduction to tattoo shops n general, which is why there is no 'talking head' shots, interviews, sections about the staff, location, history or a voice over. This for people who know of us or our work. While there is a social side to our shop I don't think it's necessary to show that. Some things are saved for those who visit the shop in person.

I hope you enjoy it.

Filmed during August 2011


Stewart Robson

Valerie Vargas

Jordan Teear

Andy Blyth

Edited by Stewart Robson

All music is © the respective artists and companies.

'Revolt' - Jack Rose

'Milk & Honey' - Jackson C. Frank

'When the Shit Hits the Fan' - The Circle Jerks

'It's not Unusual' - Tom Jones

'Dixie Whisky' - Eyehategod

'Speed King' - Deep Purple

'Love Tunnel' - GG Allin

'Paris, Texas' - Ry Cooder

'Millionaire' - Kelis

Thanks to Dante, the tattooers, staff and most of all the customers of Frith Street Tattoo.


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I would really love to visit your shop some day, but I guess I'll have to settle for stopping by your booth at SFO. Thanks for the video--stellar stuff!

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There's always someone tattooing shirtless in your videos. Cliff Raven style.

That's why all the shot are waist-up ;)

But really, it's one hot-ass basement without real A/C.

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