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Part 2.... Been a year. . .

Jennifer Stell



With Keet D'Arms in the basement... then when we were at our wits end, we ended up being layed over in Houston to fly into Tampa, during that show, only to not make it out of the room for two days straight, I finally ended up renting a car, and driving back to Jacksonville...

Only to wake up the next day on the verge of a nervous break down and none other then my Mother waking me up to get me out the front door to leave Richard, I went home on the premiss that I needed a break to rest. Only I was out of my MIND detoxing, and thank god for Alex Trufant, he flew to Jacksonville to drive Richard back to Dallas, to bring us back together. . . I love the man, I would not have sacrificed everything in my life to be with him back in 2009. It would have been a HUGE mistake. . . I knew I was tired of being jerked around. I knew I was getting tired of the party, I just wanted a shop to work in and mind it as my own... With our rules. Without a feeling like we would owe anyone for it. Partner or None I don't want to owe anyone for my own place. I'm possessive.

We stayed with Joe and Katie, and then Brian again, working out at SnS, with the boys... Only throw in some old familiars and we got our footing back to normal. . . We took it easy, and worked until we were ready to get on the way back towards home, both of us freaking out, that I would nut, and not be able to stand the site of home. . . We stopped to work in NOLA...This time at Annette's Shop... We left a morning early, and ended up sneaking over to Destin, FL for two days of gorgeous sand, and beautiful weather to doze off in...

Got back home in April... Stayed put for a few weeks then flew back out to work Oliver and Aarons first Friday the 13th, attend the opening party, and try to get something in writing again... Flew back to Jax sans agreement, to only drive back out for the Masters Invitational Tattoo show ... Which was awesome as stated I think in a previous post... We saw everyone in one place which in itself is magical. . .

After trying to deal with what was inevitably somewhat of a lost cause, cause we should have just minded our own business... And not gotten involved, we drove to Immaculate to get back to REAL no Hollywood Drama Tattooing...Thank God For Aaron Coleman, he's a real man among all you mother fuckers that call yourselves men, and he can draw for days. Thank you for helping us pull our heads out of our asses and getting us back on track. . . From Mesa, AZ to Dallas, from Dallas, to Little Rock, From Little Rock to Atlanta, from ATL to JAX, from JAX to ROC City for that show. . . From ROC City to Philly to work at the Kadillac Duece Tattoo; from Philly back to Jinx Proof in DC.... From DC to Conway, SC at Jeff Cribb's place: Hero Tattoo... where Richard and me fell in love with a girl named Frankie that we wanted to adopt from Jeff and Cheri, OMG I have been so puppy sick since we left.

And now we have been home for 13 days now... Lease is up in November.

His son flies in on Sunday to help us pack, and get tattooed, and maybe head out to San Francisco with us, so we can show him some place not Texas for a change, and figure out where each one of us wants to be...

Starting at the SFO show we will be on the road full time, until we find a city... then-build, have, keep, work, and love and cherish a shop and home with family of our own.... Make a place unlike any other. Ours.

So that's what's been up in my life...

Lessons: Don't believe what EVERYTHING you hear. IE: We have no beefs with anyone. We aren't booked a year in advance, we're not that cool. Drugs, can be fun... But we're already crazy, so yeah, that was enough of that back in March, after said "Nervous Breakdown"... Happiness comes from with in - Thanks Caleb Barnard... for everything. We have family, thanks Oliver, and Aaron, Will and Tammy, Joe and Katie, Josh, and JP...Thanks, Eric, and Susan...Everyone at Jinx in particular, Hedgepath, and Tim... Thanks Woodard, Coleman, Jesus, Aaron, and Joe, Rob, and his family, thanks, Keet and Crew in ATL, thank you Jet, and then Mr. Perfect, and Sir Hooligan. Thank you to the Cribbs... and thank you to folks here in Jacksonville, FL, Jason Harms, and super importantly, thank you to the Inksmith Family, Mike Wilson, Angelo, and Swed... Along with Eric and Bev, thank you for giving us a start over and a good spot to crash for a year or so, and puttin up with our crap, whether it be a wedding or whatever ya'll helped us two get a foundation to start our married life together, and for that, I am truly grateful.

I hope that's a proper post, cause I won't have another in while... Time to get back to working our asses or to work our asses off somewhere else. Now you know where all the photos on facebook come from, we stay busy no matter what... We love what we do so it's not so much like a job. And were lucky, a lot of us of are... in that way.


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