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Who HAS tattooed you?

mario desa


we saw the wish list, now who have you been tattooed by?? here's my list, i think it's complete...

this might be a bit off topic, or the opposite, but here's who HAS tattooed me...

-adrian luna

-adam siehr

-dan trocchio (multiple)

-jon reiter (multiple)

-jeremy tupta


-mike bruce


-dan gilsdorf

-jerry ware

-seth ciferri (multiple)

-scott sylvia

-jeff zuck

-tim biedron

-harlan thompson

-tomas garcia

-adam shrewsbury

-dave cavalcante

-jeremy swed

-nick colella (multiple)

-bailey robinson

-jef whitehead

-erik gillespie

-jen munford

-nick rodin

-eli quinters

-bert krak

-brad mariachi

-aaron coleman

-cleen rock one

-carol (forgot her last name)

-dawn cooke

-julio avila (multiple)

-scott harrison

-josh arment

-matt ziolko

-dale grande

-keith underwood

-jason mcafee

-gary galke

-josh howard


Recommended Comments

In no particular order

Tux Farrar (a bunch)

His wife Stacey

Matt Rinks (several)

Brady Duncan

Chris 'Pee Wee' Levi (several)

Adam Ciferri (several)




Rus Laich

Scott Althen

Lil Dave

Mike Wilson (several)

Sonny Tufts

Ron Henry Wells

Ricky McGee

and a few others that nobody would have heard of or care about

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Some lady I don't want to mention, because she tattooed me at her house when I was 17 and her dog took a shit on the floor while I was getting it.

People you guys have never heard of because they were just friends who weren't serious about tattooing....

Sky Winchester (originally apprenticed me)

Sonny Jay

Ron Miller

Sam Yamini (my good buddy of many years who was serious about tattooing)

Baba (gave me an education as well)


Sean Perkinson (?) @ FTW in Oakland

Cory Cudney

Catfish Carl

Lucky Bastard

Some awesome Italian dude I don't know the name of

Will Card

Chris Dettmer

Scott Sylvia

Phil Holt

Chandler Foley

Brian Thurow

Evan Rhodes

James Yocum

Daniel Santoro

Blake Brand

Mat Welch

Marie Sena

Henning Jorgenson

I think that is it so far.

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Vincent klopfenstein (non tattooer)

Chris turbo goff

Andrew stickler

Adam shrewbury

Erik von bartholomous

Lana gooding

Ryan thompson


Steve mcclintock

Jeff zuck

Ricardo sturdivant


Tim beck

Bailey robinson

josh howard

Keith underwood

Chad ramsey

Daniel albrigo

Jeff whitehead


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Just a collector with a short list

Circle (maui)

Sean perkinson

Dawei zhang

Troy Denning

Jeff Rassier

Jason Phillips

Mike Devries

Myke Chambers

Bert Krak

Plus a few more I wouldn't promote haha

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heres my list:

Turtle(when i was seventeen and has since been covered)

Ed Slocum(multipul)

Taylor Ryan(multipul)

Patrick(forgot his last name)

Milwaukee Matt

Brent(quit tattooing)

Erik(forgot his last name)


Bob Gibson

Jim(fastlane tattoo)

Troy Allen


Darren Yeasley


Dj Rose(multipul)

King Ron(multipul)


Adam Barton

Chris Chisholm(multipul)

Jsn Anthony

john ohagen(doesnt actually tattoo..)

Andrew Valenzuela

Josh Baker

Braden Kendall

Cory Lenherr

Cris Cleen

Rick Lohm

Shane B(multipul)

Chad Soner

Mike Rubendall(multipul)

Danny Reed

Todd Noble(multipul)

Chad Koeplinger(multipul)

Isaac Fainkujen(multipul)

Big Steve

Eric S.

Diego Mannino

Ian Camp(multipul)

Cory Rogers

Steve Boltz

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My list -

Mike Pain

Gil Montie

Carlos Truan

Jason Brooks

Ben Siebert

Dan Martin

Tony Hundahl

Briza Camacho

Brian Bruno

Hector Fong

Tim Lehi

Chris Trevino



Matt Arriola

Debra Obregon-- lady that taught me how to tattoo


Bob Roberts

David Beadle

Mike Ledbetter

Annie Mess

Cal Pozo

Notorious Ed


Mike Wilson

Grant Cobb

Daniel albrigo

Richard Stell

Paco excel

Oliver Peck

Bubba Reeves

Ross Nagel

Eric Jones

Keith underwood

Bryan Burk

Uncle Allan

Eddy Vontista....Deusche

Chris Conn

Matt Rinks

Jay Chastain

Bobby Padron

Some other people that I do not remember

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In order

Joe Bagodonuts

Eric Inksmith

Ms Deborah aka Sofia Estrella

Gill Montie

Tiger Jack


Guy Aitchison

Bill Loika

Don Yarian ( can't forget my husband) (multiple times)

Rocket Rick

Chris Pavelchik

Mike Wilson

Hanky Panky

Dave Gibson

Ken Cameron

Trevor McStay (multiple times)

Jill Mandelbaum

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Mack (not sure the last name) (1 tattoo from him)

Cathy (again not sure the last name but they were husband and wife) (2 tattoos from her)

Dan Cameron (1 large piece from him)

Shawn Rouleau (Currently working on my sleeve)

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Brendan Harte

Neil Harte

Adrian Dunne

Kevin Killeen

Johnny Eagle

Mark Mahoney

Danny Romo

Danny Dringenberg

Rob Dringenberg

Charlie Roberts

Jack Mosher


Mike Roper

Lucky Brian Callan

Lucky Diamond Rich

Small Paul Stottler

Chris Garver

Juan Puente

Henry Goldfield

Rick Walters

Bill Loika

Dave Gibson

Tony Polito

Steve Delgatto

Mike Perfetto

Theo Mindell

Dan Mirro

Bert Krak

Timmy Tatts Sellers

Brian Fites

Baba Austin

Michelle Myles

Tattoo Molly

Milford Barnes


Freddy Negrete

Henry rivadenira

Ajja Leu

Running Bear

Mike Brown

Andrew Farnsley

Baby Ray

Colin LAroque

Freddy Corbin

Josh Moody

Corey Miller

Jimmy Coffin

Rick Clayton

Alain Antonozzi

Eric Eaton

Paul Booth

Doug Mittz Stewart

Alex Reinke

Clay Decker

Robert Atkinson

Sage O connell

Tim Hendricks

Tom tilden



Pat Sloan

Alan Halpin

Alan Confrey



kate Murphy

Angus Wall

Walter Lira

Daan Verbruggen


Tom Von Lucky

Pete Schroder

Victor Bahia

Net Wong

Jimmy Wong

Maybe a few more I forget right now

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There are some solid lists here.. In no particular order mine looks like this:

Thomas Hooper

Steve Boltz

Eli Quinters

Ian Flower

Chad Koeplinger

Bert Krak

Daniel Albrigo

Jason Kundell

Steve Byrne

Theo Mindell

Juan Puente

Keith Underwood

Kindel Underwood

Chris Smith

Stewart Robson

Craig Burton.. yes THAT guy.

Alex Reinke

Scott Sylvia

Daniel Santoro

Saira Hunjan

Mo Coppoletta

Aaron Hewitt

Nick Horn

Tony Hundahl

Bailey Hunter Robinson

Chris David

Rudy Fritsch

Amanda Toy


Alison Manners

Dan Smith

Nikki Balls

Oliver Pecker

Andy Williams from ETID

Steve Fessey

My Mum

My Girl

My Brothers, all three of them.

My 5 year old cousin and his 13 year old sister.

Three of my Aunts

My ex-girlfriend.

Im sure i forgot someone.. sorry.

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My list is small, but all Wisconsin guys:

Jon Reiter (soon to be more!)

Pete Kugel

Brian Jansen (i think that was the last name)

Brett C.

Some guy in Milwaukee, can't remember the name

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Steve from Bath x 2 (about 40 years ago)

Henry Hate

Emiliano Liberatori x 8

Stefano Ceri-5

Stewart Robson x 8

Mo Coppoletta x 2

Chad Koeplinger x 3

Nikki Balls x 3


Mario Desa x 3

Jordan x 6

Frank Carter

Matty D'Arienzo x 3

Bert Krak

Nick Colella

Valerie Vargas x 3

Daniel Albrigo

Oliver Peck

El Monga

Duncan X

Kris Manyana x 2

Alex Binnie

Brad Fink

Bailey Hunter Robinson

Eli Quinters

Doc Price

Miles x 5

Steve Boltz

Lee Hadfield

Rose Hardy

Jondix x 2


Adam Sage

Jimmie Skuse

Sam Rickets

Gino Angelov

Adam Warmerdam

Henning Jorgenson

Lal Hardy

Shaun Topper

Jesse Gordon

Claudia De Sabe

Dan Hague

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you wont know most of these guys but here we go.

Jimmi van curen

dave fuentes

mark deleon

scott sylvia

woody (bpo)

jojo ackerman

keith underwood( with Mike malones ashes in the black)

brent wilson


james roberts

kaib knight

drew horner

martain robinson

johnny woodruff


Steve Kidwiller


Nate dog

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Tanja Nixx

Jason Brooks

Steve Byrne

Robert Ryan

Nick Rodin

Juan Puente


Dannyboy Smith

Jeremy Kinsey

Brotha Bob

and a bunch of others I can't remember

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Guy Aitchison

K.C. Angel

David Bruehl

Chad Chesko

Kim Durham

Bill Hannong

John Himmelstein

Josh Hoffman

Thomas Hooper

Bill Liberty

Rick Lohm

Jason Minauro

Bud Pierson

Skip Sampson

Chris Trevino

Deborah Valentine

Dave Waugh

Mike Wilson

I know I'm forgetting people.

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Jim Miner


Scott Sylvia

Jeff Rassier

George Campise

Yutaro Sakai

Phil Holt

Seth Ciferri

Steve Boltz

Ricky Larsson


Morten Enger

Morten Overlie

Marius Meyer

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Okay....better late than never...this is kinda fun....here we go

Debra Valentine

Mike Davis

Jeff Rassier

Eddie Deutsche

Hanky Panky

short but super sweet.....

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Oliver Peck & everyone at Elm Street Tattoo (Joe, Bubba, Mark, Chris, Carl, Dean)

Juan Puente

Jason Brooks

Richard Stell

Josh Arment

Scott Sylvia

Charley Roberts

Keith Underwood

Chad Koeplinger

Mike Wilson

Jill Bonny

Tony Hundahl

Steve Byrne

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Damn you guys have an impressive collection.


Nick Ley

Cory Rogers

Richard Stell

Josh Williams

Will Card

Carlos Truan

Casey Corlick (sp?) (works at Fine Line)

Blake Harris

Kevin Poon

Eric "Color" Del Rio

Will Card

Tracy Lambright

Oliver Peck

Ben Siebert

Tony Hundahl

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