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i got an email letting me know that i had a new friend request on here and decided to log on. i guess it's time to update everyone with what's going on in my life. i'm good a lists and there's a lot of stuff going on so here goes:

-i left the nursery. i loved working with kittens, but for reason i do not wish to discuss, it was not a healthy place for me to be. i have a new job now as a legal assistant. i kind of like it, but it's crazy sometimes.

-my mom has invasive breast cancer. that's probably the biggest thing that's going on right now. it was caught early, but we've already been through two surgeries, and she began chemo last week. it's only once a month, but it lasts until august, and then radiation follows afterwards. her odds are good, but it's going to be a long year.

-school is going great. i am taking an environmental management class this semester, and i'm signed up to take a class on bat ecology and conservation this summer, where i will be netting bats, and recording data about them. i have to get my rabies vaccine soon, which i'm a little nervous about. it's also really expensive ($700) so no tattoos for a while. i'm also volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center once a week.

-Jackson and i moved in together. it's really nice to have him here at the house, but our schedules are completely the opposite. i see him for about 20 minutes each day while awake, unless it's an evening we both have off. that kind of sucks.

that's about it. i guess i've just been feeling like i need some time to myself to be able to get through all of this sanely. i feel bad and i know i've let some people down in ways that i never intended too by not finishing things i started. life has been really overwhelming for me over the last 8 months and i keep trying to get back on track, but i'm having a hard time doing so. i just needed to get away for a while.

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