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Travel Blog New York. June 2012 part three

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So it’s Sunday, the final day of my trip. I get my bags packed and check out. There will be no cock ups today on the subway (yeah right).

I get to Chambers Street Station and get on the Brooklyn bound train to Jay Street Metrotech and then onto the F train to Carroll Street.

With plenty of time I take a casual stroll down Smith Street. I must say Smith Street, Brooklyn, on a warm summers day is one of the most beautiful and interesting places I have visited.


I walked past a school with the sweetest murals on the wall painted by the young students.


I had plenty of time so I headed to Prime Meats in Court Street for some brunch. I ordered the Farmers breakfast (Sausage, breakfast potatoes, free range eggs and toast). All their sausage is hand made and prepared in house. Perfect.



After brunch I had a little time to spare and so I headed back to Smith Street. Walking away from the studio I took a few photos and bought some stuff from a local farmers market. There were some musicians playing. Could it be more perfect?



So now its time to take a slow walk back to Smith Street Tattoo Parlour.


The parlour is amazing. The most incredible flash adorns almost every inch of wall space. I introduce myself to Chris, the shop guy and tell him I have an appointment with Eli.

Eli comes over and we shake hands I tell him what I want. I take off my shirt to show him where I want the tattoo. Immediately he spots the tattoo on my sternum. Chad did that one right? And the one underneath Daniel Albrigo? Eli studies the other tattoos on my arms back and upper chest and comments "No pressure then". I point out to Eli that we both share the exact same tattoo on our left thumb, a Sailor Jerry fly . His was done by Steve Byrne. How fucking cool is that!

I sit down and wait. Steve Boltz comes in and we say hi. By now this other young guy is in the shop he’s wanting a walk in from Steve. He’s got some really nice tattoos including a stunning Japanese style severed head tattoo on his hand. He says to Steve that he wants a panther tattoo on his inner forearm with solid black shading as a filler. I was just watching Steve listening to this guy and watching Steves facial expressions as the customer explained what he wanted. I sort of knew what was coming next. Well, said Steve, solid black won’t look good as a filler but as a its a panther I can curl the tail into that space and that will look good. The customer agreed. That young guy going to get one hell of a great tattoo.

After a while Eli calls me over. Before placing the stencil I visit the washroom to powder my nose. I have to tell you the Smith Street washroom is amazing. Flash all over the walls. Who needs porn when you’ve got this. I could have spent all day in there, make no mistake.

Now its stencil time. Eli asks about the two very old tattoos on my forearms. They are 41 years old I tell him, done when I was 15 years old. Hey Steve says Eli check these out. Steve looks at my old tattoos and says how glad he is to see I didn’t get these touched up and comments that the guy who did these tattoos really knew what he was doing.

So we get underway with the tattoo. It was agonising. The tattooing was fine, for a big guy Eli has a nice light hand but the way my arm had to be positioned was horrible as I have tendonitis in my shoulder. Eli was very good about it though and got me an arm rest, which helped a bit. The pain is worth it though. I just love the tattoo.


After we were done I got a picture with Eli. Such a funny picture. I look like Colonel Tom Thumb next to him. He’s one big guy.


Just as I finish who walks into the parlour but our very own [MENTION=1611]Reyeslv[/MENTION]. He’s getting a tattoo from Steve Boltz. [MENTION=1611]Reyeslv[/MENTION] has some other friends and family getting tattooed .We have a great time chewing the fat with my leg getting pulled about the mistake I made when I posted a picture of one of my tattoos ( I said it was on my thigh when it was on my lower leg).

So I hung around until [MENTION=1611]Reyeslv[/MENTION] got his tattoo from Steve (which was amazing by the way) and then we both had a photo taken together outside the shop before heading back to my hotel for the final leg of my journey.


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Recommended Comments

Great post man ... It's funny that Eli was like "no pressure then" when he saw some of your other tattoos. Guess even the Smith St. guys don't rest on their laurels... Always a good sign...

This series of blog posts really makes me want to get to NYC. Not just for the tattooing, but for the food, the buildings, the whole atmosphere. I'm going to be in Chicago in about a week and a half, which is a city I love... But NYC is one-of-a-kind, if that's not too trite a thing to say. Plus I have never explored Brooklyn - just Manhattan and Queens.

Good work.

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[MENTION=1095]RoryQ[/MENTION] Glad you've enjoyed reading. Brooklyn is well worth a visit, its a fascinating place. Smith Street is amazing with some really nice looking restaurants. Theres a real buzz about the place.

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[MENTION=855]jade1955[/MENTION] - awesome again my friend! How nice is Eli??? Dude always has this big genuine smile that's infectious! Well, time to read part four ;)

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Cool post! Thanks, @jade1955 . You don't look a thing like I imagined you looking. Also, someone on one of the other tattoo forums I frequent has a Coney Island man tattoo as well. Such a cool design; you must be proud to wear it. And from a great tattooer to boot.

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What're the odds of running into [MENTION=1611]Reyeslv[/MENTION].. that's one of my favorite parts of getting tattooed, getting to hang out and talk to dudes (if the situation warrants it). Sounds like about the most perfect day!

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[MENTION=873]Boodah[/MENTION] I know I'm so much better looking in the flesh ;)

Again thanks for all the kind comments.

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