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the biggest ninja you know

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Jason Lee


I've been reading through the different forums on this page and have to say i like what i see. There are a lot of pages out there to choose from, and it took me a long time to find this one. Glad i found it. so anyways, thought id start a blog on here, just to throw some stuff out there about myself, maybe somebody will check it out someday. My name's nate, but i get called a lot of other things, like the biggest ninja you know. For a guy standing 6'5", weighing in at 315, i guess im surprisingly sneaky. i suppose most people dont think a guy my size can move quietly, but im constantly surprising people. I am pretty random with my thought process, so dont be shocked with the sudden topic change, im a little a.d.d. with the way my mind works, hard to stay on one topic long. I sit at the shop for hours on end with no one to talk to for the most part, so i think i will start throwing out my random subjects out for the rest of the world...least im gonna try for awhile. hopefully someone will decide to chat back so i dont have to feel like im arguing with the voices in my head. random thought, id like to do a marvel piece, maybe a sleeve or a chest plate. anyone up to do that?

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