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boredom is a great motivation tool!

Jason Lee


So we had a walk in tonite. If that gives you any indication of how slow it can be here. I actually notice, and mention the fact that someone walked into the shop. The upside of that, he seemed cool and should come back to get some work. I say should because i have been burned in the past too many times to count. But its better than no one coming in, a slim chance of getting to tattoo is better than no chance at all. I only have a little time left here tonite. The boredom of sitting here alone has helped in my creativity and production. I have the time to daydream all the twisted little images i like to draw combined with the time to actually draw them. Find the positive, right? I truly believe the short time I've been up here has helped me with my art, now just to find people to put it on. Think next time i come across a little extra money I'm buying some paint and canvas, or heavy board. Put my boredom to good use, produce something i can sell for next to nothing...what do you think? Oh yeah...I'm open to using this blog for just about anything, so if you have a question or comment feel free to hit me up with it. Maybe I'll make the next one about whats the best way to make a spit wad...


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I'd like to, but unfortunately I'm the only one here. Pranking yourself sucks... But i do have some good ideas for the guys that need some new ways to torture...eh, help train their apprentice.

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yeah its that time of year where it slows down. we stay busy for the most part but when we arent, i draw a lot. this is good, i've made like 60 sheets of flash this year. so if i was you i would make as much as u can and since its just you there put up your flash and get a good chance at people getting your stuff. stay up man!

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thanks, will do. I draw when i get tired of surfing all the social sites...there isnt a following for this shop yet, so im trying to spend the winter networking and letting people know we are here, so by the time spring gets here i can be super busy.

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Keep on drawing.

Stopped in a shop near Sarasota a few weeks back, and both of the guys working there were just sitting zoning at the computer. Now, yeah, I mighta caught em in the few minutes they weren't workiing feverishly, but I don't think so. Shop had NO flash sheets up, nothing on the walls except a few cheap-ass movie posters, and there was no protfolio, only a looseleaf binder of "ideas" in the counter.

Now, if thisw was a start-up, okay, but the guy tells me they've been there over four years. Why the hell weren't these two doing some damn thing to make their shop look like a shop? One of them intro'd himself as the owner, so you'd think at least he'd want it tight looking.

Anyhow-draw. Then draw more. Then when you get bored, paint. Repeat.

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had someone ask for some flash, so I've been working on getting a small set put together. It's pretty time consuming to hand paint it all, but its the only option i can afford for the time being, and I like the look it gives it. At the very least it keeps me busy and I'll have some cool stuff to hang on my walls when I'm done. It has definitely helped me get excited about drawing and painting again, and I feel like the painting is helping my tattooing technique, even if i'm not getting to tattoo often right now.

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