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things i experienced in Chicago

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- saving a bird who hit a window

- getting hugged by a schizophrenic, homeless dude

- getting tattooed twice in one day (thanks Mario and Nick!)

- having the best vegan ruben (earwax was awesome!)

- seeing articles of faith and less than jake twice, both in a club that only held 150 people

- eating a snack two seats away from keith morris at skewerz

- seeing john josephs just chillin’ against a benz

- watching a two year old demand to get tattooed

- meeting El Brad who is my dead uncle’s doppleganger circa 1965

- experiencing a ton of amazing art

- meeting old schoolers of hardcore from chicago/memphis and hanging out with them almost everynight

- getting punched in the face by a racist asshole during Zero Boys (i’m ok, it was a bad shot)

- talking to Daryl from snapcase after their set and confirming that they are not doing a reunion tour (bummer)

- going to multiple shows every night and just not giving a fuck.

it was an awesome trip. a huge thanks to Nick and Mario, and the rest of Chicago Tattoo Co. for letting me chill and doing great work. i sincerely felt welcomed and i'm happy i'll be seeing you guys in SF next weekend.

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Sounds like a great trip from music to tattoos to people! Thanks for letting us know and looking forward to future post and blogs!

Until then....


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this is the most amazing list of awsome events. glad to hear you got double teamed by the chicago boys. thanks for this its exactly what we need.


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it was cool meeting and tattooing you, and it was nice to let you get a glimpse of the Chicago life I love..that kid of mine can be pretty demanding, especially with the tattoos, i put 8 temp tattoos in her today and she was pissed when i told her that was enough

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Sounds like a blast. The museums are also incredible as a highbrow side note. I see you enjoyed some vegan food there. I always thought of Chicago as the states' most masculine city. Number one in meat!

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nice! it was good meeting you and glad you had a good time! i love my life here, and in a way, we are america's best kept secret. now you see why we put up with the winter! it's awesome here.

dean...haha, we got some softies too!

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wow i didn't expect this type of response, so here goes at trying to respond to everyone:

thanks Lochlan and Scott! i won't be traveling extensively (i will be going to Monterey for my birthday in November, but i go there at least once a year to soak in the waves and the otters) again until next year, unless i start a new photo project. i'm trying to save to take my mom to Europe, but she doesn't know that yet.

Nick and Mario, i seriously had a blast! you're shop was very welcoming and friendly and i appreciated all the hospitality. hopefully we can return the favor in the Bay next week/weekend. i can see why both of you love it there, and i would be lying if i said i didn't miss it already.

Dean and Julio, it might be the second best trip of my entire life, the first being the time i spent in Ireland. Chicago might be a meaty city, but it's also a top vegan destination and there are a lot of amazing vegan companies from the chicago area (such as Upton's Seitan and Chicago Soy Dairy). as far as masculinity is concerned, i could see why you would think that, but that doesn't bother me. i've always been a tom boy, though ironically i came home from Chicago with a new dress haha. what can i say, i'm sucker for them sometimes!

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