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Long Term Tattoo care



I have a tattoo on my ribs that is about 5-6 years old. Whenever I go swimming, etc. in the summer I have always put 50+ SPF on it. It still looks like it did after it completely healed the first year, not even exaggerating. So yeah, moral of the story: use sunscreen... forever.

When exposed to sun I use sunscreen too but only a physical zinc based sunscreen. Some types of sun screen penetrate the first layer of the skin and I am not so sure the chemicals would be beneficial to the ink.

Other than that I use coconut oil or linseed oil (for body and face too). Moisturizer increases water pressure in the outer skin layer, which can results in too much water and therefore dry out the skin and tattoo ;).

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Anything your doing to prematurely age your skin is going to do the same to your tattoos. Once heavily tattooed there is no better substitute for protection than a long sleeved t-shirt. I keep one handy at work, in my truck, my bag if I go on my motorcycle. I am that guy on the beach wearing a long sleeve, I look ridiculous but hey its a lot of time to invest to just throw it away for some sun. Before I started to tattoo an artist and now good friend used to get mad at me if I showed up at the shop without wearing long sleeve protection.....but we also live in PHX.

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