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Looking for Volunteers for a Research Project about Tattooing

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I'm taking a business development class as part of my herbal medicine program for the next few months. I'm learning about marketing, and developing products and resources for clients/customers. My current project entails learning how to identify clients wants and needs, for product and/or services development through interviewing them. The topic is how folks feel about the tattoo process, what works for them, all that good stuff. Basically, I'm trying to identify an overarching issue that most people have, to see what can theoretically be done to make getting tattoos more enjoyable/easier/what have you. The interview is five questions, and takes about 15-20 mins.

If anyone is interested in being interviewed to help me with my research project, please PM me! The more people I can interview, the better! Interviews can be done over phone/skype or I can email you the set of questions - whichever is easier.

[MENTION=675]Iwar[/MENTION], [MENTION=194]hogg[/MENTION], [MENTION=1457]slayer9019[/MENTION], [MENTION=3]steve[/MENTION] - gougetheeyes said you might be up for an interview?

I guess that's it! Thanks for reading!

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This was great! And only took about 15 minutes. Everyone should do this so [MENTION=5780]Fala[/MENTION] can develop some magic herbal remedy to make your body freak out less after getting brutalized. [MENTION=194]hogg[/MENTION] [MENTION=675]Iwar[/MENTION] [MENTION=1457]slayer9019[/MENTION] do it!

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Hahaha! Thanks [MENTION=147]gougetheeyes[/MENTION]!

That's the plan - figure out how to get folks to recover faster so they can get more tattoos!

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Hey [MENTION=5780]Fala[/MENTION]! Are you still doing this? If so, I am down. I have no preference for comms so just let me know what you want/need. Thanks!

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[MENTION=873]Boodah[/MENTION] - I just emailed you the questions, thank you!

I'll be taking interviews until Feb 15, 2014 :)

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I wanted to thank everyone who has participated in my research project thus far! I'm compiling everyone's responses, and will be in touch in the coming months with some possibilities for folks!

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