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Update re: Tattoo Research Project



I've decided to start with a plain-old herbal tincture to help with the tattoo process itself. It is for folks who are getting tattooed in especially painful spots, who are really nervous, getting their first tattoo, folks who tense up during tattooing (or get muscle twitching), that sort of thing. If you are interested in hearing more about it, ask here, PM me or check out my website: http://www.quaternityholistics.com/p/products.html

Mods - if this post is not okay, feel free to take it down. Figured I'd post an update since it has been so long since everyone was kind enough to help me out!!!


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Hi [MENTION=5780]Fala[/MENTION] - I nosed around but couldn't see it - is there an ingredient list for the tincture? Also, I am one of the few people out there who is allergic to alcohol, even in minute quantities - do you have plans to make this available as a glycerite?

Thanks!!! :)

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[MENTION=4088]beez[/MENTION] - I don't plan on making a glycerite version at this time, if I get enough requests for a glycerite version I will consider researching it. The constituents that are extracted in alcohol and glycerine are very different, and can very well completely change how it affects the body. Not to mention, glycerites are not shelf-stable and often go bad under the best of circumstances. I'm going to look into vinegars though - they last a long time!

Updated the page with the ingredients list. I had it on there at one point, but have been making a lot of updates and changes lately to the site. Sorry about that!

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[MENTION=5780]Fala[/MENTION] I am always on the look out for good, non-alcohol based tinctures and the like. Let me know if you come up with or come across something good!

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I can back this! Tried it last time I got tattooed (about 2 and a half hours) on the belly. I pretty much felt everything but I noticed I could relax a little and my muscles weren't clenching as much. Definitely doing this every session!!

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