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The Journey Continued




I've tried to write this before and it just wasn't working, see how we go this time!

Well after getting the pipes on my outer forearm (may 2015) I started plotting what would come next. For my Step Dad I want a ship in a stormy sea being taken down by the Kraken and for my Dad I want a deer head inside a rose being stabbed by arrows. ( actual hunting arrows capable of doing damage, not those whispy hipster pinterest style ones) 

Over the space of a year I played around with ideas before settling on those while also researching ideas on a memorial tattoo for a baby I'd lost years ago. 

I have my living children's initials on me with stars and hated that I had nothing for her. 

Not feeling satisfied with the stock standard memorial tattoo I came up with the idea of a tarot card . Three of swords. It's a heart being stabbed by three swords. Looking at it the right way up it means pain to the heart, love loss. In reverse (upside down) it's like moving past or overcoming that pain.

Very fitting. It was a very healing tattoo for me. Doesn't fix situations , but I feel a bit of peace now. 

The tattoo sits under my bust , I was shitting bricks to be honest - figuring it was going to be pretty intense. But that in no way was going to deter me, I was just going to have to suck it up or pass out . Surprisingly it was easy to sit for. Cat stratch or same as when you scratch a mozzie bite too much. The tops of the daggers hurt the most but even so were only a 4/10 at most. I'm convinced my nerves are shot, cos I shouldn't have sat that well. (Honestly - I hate pain!!) 

I must say I completely love the tattoo. The design was the artists work (I just explained the card and said I'd like it with daggers instead and in a traditional style, but happy for him to play with it ) 

This is a healed picture, I can see a couple spots that need a touch up so I will sort that out soon.





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