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Finding more time



I've always used most of my spare time for work. I like to go out here and there and unwind a bit but mostly I like to sit home and get prepared for work. But I always get frustrated that I never really could catch up to the point where I can work on artwork for myself. Well I started cracking down the past week, drawing for appointments after work, going to bed early and waking up early and using my morning time to actually paint, and it is fucking awesome! I'm not a morning person at all, I'm cranky, normally hungry as hell and feel like crap... but I have been making so much progress I don't even care. I only got a couple people here at home that I can express how pumped on this I am so I figured I'd post something about it here. Who needs sleep? Me... but I can deal with out it for now. Anyone else have a daily ritual they follow like this to accomplish more?


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I know that my life is really different than yours, as I have two kids and I'm not a tattooer, but I do have one ritual that always helps get the day off on the right foot and that's setting the coffee pot at night before I go to bed. That way, no matter what happens, there is hot coffee waiting for me when I get up, instead of me waiting for the coffee. Seems to make a huge difference with the morning crankiness.

I'm glad that you're getting to paint and making progress, there's nothing better than being on a creative roll. And I'd always like to hear more about how people fit it all in.

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lets just start by saying im not a morning person! if you come within 10 feet of me when i first wake up you will get your head biten off. i have been told i am a bitch in the morning and ive just accepted it. i start my day at about 5:45 and i get ready and my dog and i go for an hour or longer(if time provides) walk. As soon as the fresh air hits my face i turn back into my sweet self. we get home and have breakfast and then im off to work for 8:30am. having a regular morning schedual keeps me sane and waking up early is only a small sacrafice when im ten times more productive at work.

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