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when im not tattooing or painting i like taking pictures of birds with my cellphone.

someday i will buy a real camera.

but for now...hipstamatic away!

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That's so cool! That last photo is so awesome! Those big bright eye that just seem like they are looking right through you.

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Wow, thanks for sharing. Are these all at a bird rescue place or ????. I love my Cannon Rebel XTI though these hipstermatics are damn nice for a phone. Iphone?

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i volunteer at a bird of prey rescue/education center once a week. the pic of the vultures was taken on a walk through the park near my apartment. i love my iphone4! fuck droid! haha

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Hey Kyle I love the bird pics. I love trying to take pics of Owls. Sort of a hobby/interest of mine. I have a few pics that I was lucky to get, and I have seen a few more but did not have a camera at that moment. You have the pic of the great horned owl tucked up high, one of the great horned owls male and female I believe, but what is the one by its self on your hand?

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